Sparkle Sparkle

wpid-20150514_161453.jpg I think it's mildly amusing how I work in a creative industry, yet still find myself needing a creative outlet (Or in my case several billion creative outlets) It's kind of a blessing and a curse really. I mean on one hand, I can spend all day creating stuff and not get bored of any one discipline, but on the other hand it means my head is always chock full of stuff.


A feeling I get very frequently is what I like to call a "creative itch". It's when you have an idea, and the idea is so vivid that it completely fills your head, and the only way to regain head space is to create the thing. Because I spend much of my time away from home I've had to come up with some creative ways to get these ideas out quickly, but accurately. The two techniques I use frequently are voice recording (To get a melody out of my head when I'm away from my laptop) and water colour painting (my set is fairly portable, and it dries really fast, which is great when you've been painting and have to get off in like a minute)


I've pretty much fallen head over heals for watercolour painting in the last few months, especially after I purchased a pearlescent watercolour set. (Seriously, it was like $4.00 from spotlight, and is just the greatest thing I've ever used.) If you're intersted in my watercolour stuff, I've been posting it a bit on instagram.


Speaking of shimmery shiny things, something I've recently started doing is using the shimmy shimmy massage bar from lush. This thing looks like a soap, feels like a moisturizer, leaves my skin smelling of vanilla and makes me sparkle. Literally. It's chock full of glitter, and I've basically been feeling like a glitter bomb fairy since I bought it.


My friend Rachel Maria Cox (Musician, radio extraordinaire, and general wonderwoman) got me onto this stuff. She was wearing it at a gig we were both at, and was kind enough to introduce me to the wonder of being a glitter fairy. Months later I'm a total convert.


I think my favourite thing about the glitter used in the massage bar is that it's very tiny and very light, meaning you won't see it until the light catches it at just the right angle. I am going to wear it all the time because #yolo.