Emeralds on Mustard.

I'm going through a tough mental period at the moment which is resulting in a loss of motivation, and most worryingly for me, a loss of motivation to get dressed. It's not that I have nothing to wear (because that's absolutely not how I feel) it's more that I'm struggling with the combination of early mornings that my school bands require, the late nights that my performances and rehearsal require and the bitter cold that is the Australian winter. I basically want to spend 24/7 rugged up in multiple comfy layers of knit and blankets. 

All of those things put together mean that I'm basically throwing on a pair of thick tights, a plain, but nice enough dress and my favourite coat, which there's absolutely nothing wrong with, but it leaves me feeling "not put together" and dowdy. I miss colour, unexpected details and the motivation to have those things, but I don't currently have the energy or control over my exhaustion levels to change my mindset or patterns. 

I'm going to get real for a sec here. The way I'm feeling is not normal. I've been in this place many times before and usually I've had the luxury of time to get help so I can dig myself out of this hole. I've not got that luxury this time around. All of my time (During clinical hours) is taken up with immovable work, and I'm holding it together "well enough" that on good days I can convince myself that there's nothing wrong and I'm being an idiot. 

The day I put this outfit together was one of these aforementioned good days. I had energy the night before, and got up before I had to (which is a rarity these days). I really dig the combination of mustard and emerald (and I have no idea why I haven't combined these colour before!). I'm not really sure where this post was going, but a jumble of words is all I can manage at the moment. 


When I was in Lismore, I stumbled across the cutest vintage clothing store called the Treasure Trade.

I purchased two pieces in that shop, neither of which I've been able to wear (the clothes are made for colder weather, which is rare in the Australian Summer) 

Yesterday it was chilly enough for me to wear one of the pieces! This is such a perfect and comfortable dress. It's made of chiffon, and has elasticised wrists and waist. It's a tiny bit see through, but that's nothing a slip can't fix. 

The colour is really unusual as well. Too purple to be considered blue, but too blue to be considered purple - basically a perfect periwinkle. 

The skirt of the dress has wonderful movement. I pretty much twirled in it all day. 

On a more serious note, it seems some people need to have a good talking to about personal space and body autonomy. 

I played a gig last night with my band. During the break I needed to use the loo, so I went into the stall area and waited for a stall to free up. The toilets at this venue were unisex. 

Now, normally when you're cuing for the loo, you let the other people in the room have all the space they need. This is the sort of basic respect I expect from people in the stall room. 

So this guy walks into the stall waiting area, and proceeds to put his arm around me in a very familiar way, whilst trying to pick me up at the same time. I'm ashamed to say, I only stiffened up and shifted away. I didn't use my words, but then again, I have a fairly good reason. This guy was twice my weight. I didn't know him. I didn't know if he was drunk, and I didn't know if he would get violent, so I politely and awkwardly sent out the "go away" signals.  

When I finally got into the stall I took my time so that I didn't have to run into him on the way out. He was washing his hands in the basin when I exited the loo. Again, he tried to make conversation. The creepiest bit was when he finished at the basins, he went to the door, turned back and stared at me for an uncomfortably long time, opened the door, then stared again before exiting the bathroom. 

I should have said something to the bar staff, but I was too shocked at the time, and unfortunately too used to this sort of behaviour from strange men. The more I think about the exchange, the angrier and more disturbed I feel as well, both at strange bathroom guy, and at me, although quite frankly I shouldn't have to say anything because it shouldn't have happened in the first place. (man, that's a run on sentence) 

Compared to many other instances of inappropriate touching, this is quite mild, but I don't care. The fact that someone thought this was appropriate is disgusting. It really shouldn't need to be said, but if you don't know the person you do not touch them. Ever.  

If you're non-male person and someone does something inappropriate, speak up. Let them, and everyone around you know that it's not ok, because if we don't, the people who behave this way will continue to be disgusting, and our tiny children will think it is ok. And that's not cool. 

Christmas-y fun times

Shoes You know when you're a kid on christmas eve, and you absolutely can't wait for it to be the next day because Christmas is awesome? I totally had that kind of excitement, but for a different reason. Instead of being over the top excited to receive some presents, I was excited to give out the presents I'd bought/made.

It was lovely that Christmas has retained the childhood magic, but even lovelier that the joy has become about giving rather than receiving (pardon my cliche).

Surprise Kitten D'amour Cameo Lace Dress Louise Love My Secret Cage of guilded terror The Emerald Ruby

It has been such a long and rough year, but celebrating with my family yesterday was a good way to finish it off. I stayed over at my parents house, then we had a couple of friends over for lunch. I finished the day with a good old photography session in the park and fell asleep on the lounge editing.

Spinning Kitten D'amour Cameo Lace Dress Louise Love My Secret Cage of guilded terror The Emerald Ruby

The dress, cardigan and socks were all gifts from my parents (although, particularly from my mum).

Details Kitten D'amour Cameo Lace Dress Louise Love My Secret Cage of guilded terror The Emerald Ruby

She has really shaped my stylistic preferences, and encouraged some of my more over the top outfits.

Hands on Hips Kitten D'amour Cameo Lace Dress The Emerald Ruby

One of our favourite pastimes is looking at the new release dresses online from my favourite Australian designers (Lady Petrova, Kitten D'amour and Lousie Love), then lamenting the price of said dresses.

Brooch Details Kitten D'amour Cameo Lace Dress The Emerald Ruby

They got me pieces from all 3 designers, two of which I'm wearing in this outfit.

hands behind back Kitten D'amour Cameo Lace Dress Louise Love My Secret Cage of guilded terror The Emerald Ruby

The dress is from Kitten D'amour, which is designed by Alana Smith. Her design aesthetic is what I would call baroque inspired, although some of her pieces verge on 50's retro. The details and construction of her garments are immaculate, and to top it off, so very comfortable.

Head Shot Kitten D'amour Cameo Lace Dress Louise Love My Secret Cage of guilded terror The Emerald Ruby

The cardigan is from Louise Love, which is the new label Alannah Hill created. Alannah Hill's story is a powerful one. She created a powerhouse label of her own namesake, but had to walk away from her label after a business dispute with factory X (who financially backed her label when she was first starting out). It still continues to be a successful label, but the designs of the clothes don't have the same magic or flair that they did when Hill was still designing.

When I heard she was designing again I was stoked. Mum and I had been regularly fawning over her collection all year (until the brand went on hiatus following some health problems Hill was having). This cardigan has the same tiny magical details that she's famous for (She has used tiny nuts, as in the thing you screw onto bolts, as beads!!!)

Showing off the pits Kitten D'amour Cameo Lace Dress The Emerald Ruby


staring Kitten D'amour Cameo Lace Dress Louise Love My Secret Cage of guilded terror The Emerald Ruby


Frog on a lilly pad ear rings


Walking forward Kitten D'amour Cameo Lace Dress The Emerald Ruby


Walking away Kitten D'amour Cameo Lace Dress The Emerald Ruby

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas <3

Double Trouble

Disney Vans and Dr Martens If you don't know me IRL then you probably don't know that my partner Ro is incredibly stylish. I'm always asking him to jump in my photo's, but usually recieve a glare of disdain, followed by a "no thanks". Ro bought some new shoes today, and finally agreed to me photographing his stylishness :D

Disney Micky and Goofy VansDisney Donald and Pluto Vans

These are the shoes he bought. They're high top Disney Vans featuring Mickey Mouse, Pluto, Donald Duck and Goofy, and happen to go perfectly with a jumper he picked up from H & M in Melbourne earlier in the year (Which according to Ro "is the only good thing H & M have ever sold")

Disney Vans H and M sweatshirt looking to the side

He also wanted to show off the bag I made for his birthday. It's got a bath time kitty print, and is fully padded and sized to fit his laptop and mixer for when he plays gigs.

Ro with Cat Messenger Bag

Ro smiles


Ro and Jen being wayy too cute

I also may have taken advantage of this rare opportunity to grab a photo of us being wayyy too cute. (seriously, we're so sweet I want to vomit :P )

Looking Away Otome Kei Hello Kitty Cardigan

This is what I wore today. I picked this dress up from an opshop in Newtown on Monday. I was down to teach some flute, and had a bit of time to kill. I totally didn't mean to end up op shopping, it just kind of happened...

Otome Kei Head Shot Colour Pop Limbo

I paired it with a hello kitty cardigan, because it's a lighter version of the same pink (and also, Australia forgot that summer is supposed to be hot today.) I also decided to wear my holy grail chocolate brown matte lipstick. (It's by colour pop and is called limbo if you're wondering)

Dr martens polkadot clogs

One thing I didn't get a photo of is the back of my tights. They have a cute seam/bow detail on them (but look like plain black tights from the front.) I actually don't own a pair of "normal" tights at the moment. (Life is too short for normal tights)



Body Details


Crossed leg alanah hill belt otome kei

Collar Details

Hello kitty cardigan dr martens

This may be my final blog post before Christmas. I hope you all have a wonderful break :)

Hello kitty lace monster

wpid-20150521_153756.jpg You think I would have learned by now to charge my camera. I ended up taking these photo's on my phone (Which is annoying to use when shooting an outfit)


Today was not the best day. I woke up feeling tired, unmotivated and bleargh. The feeling did not dissipate, but at least I was wearing a pretty dress? I don't think I've ever posted this dress on my blog. I wear it all the time, but usually on days where I'm too tired/too busy to do the photography thing. So yeah, here it is!