Busking and Bowties

wpid-20141209_183723.jpg I had a half day off today, which was a nice change of pace considering how busy I've been!

Yesterday my band went busking in Sydney. Originally we were meant to play live on my friends radio show Home Made Mondays (You can listen to her here on Monday mornings 10-12 http://www.bondiradio.com.au/ and you can catch up on her show here! http://homemademondays.wordpress.com/) But all the technology failed (Fear not! We will be rescheduling !) We were also meant to play at a community arts thing in the evening, but it fell through because of the storms (which cleared up once the event was cancelled).


Busking was hot, and it was hard (especially seeing as we went fully acoustic, meaning Jake and Tim had to work super hard to get any sort of audible noise) and we didn't make much ($12 yo!) but it was hella fun!

We've since ironed out the kinks (ie lack of amplification) in our setup, and are going to attempt busking again tomorrow before our gig at Valve Bar in Sydney!




Tomorrow night is going to be nuts. We're playing with 3 other fabulous bands; Psychic Sun https://psychicsun.bandcamp.com/releases, Baltic Bah Mitzvah https://www.facebook.com/balticbarmitzvah and Rhythm Hunters http://www.therhythmhunters.com/.  Anyway, if you live in/ can get to Sydney tomorrow night, it'll be heaps sick Event ---> https://www.facebook.com/events/764112083659843/



As a consequence of all of this rushing about, I have somehow misplaced my favourite bow which I pin onto all of my dresses/skirts/shirts when doing a white based outfit. I rectified that situation today by modifying a cheap bow tie (I basically removed the neck strap and sewed a brooch back onto it) I've been amazed at how difficult I find styling an outfit when I don't have some sort of external bow to pin to it.


Anyway, if you find yourself in Sydney tomorrow, keep an ear out for the nutty sounds of Vanishing Shapes.

More apples with more lace.


I've officially reached that point in semester where I'm struggling to put together outfits because  I haven't been sewing because study. I'm also having difficulty with the weather change.


I'm all about the layers, so being restricted by the Australian heat is tough. I'm also incredibly fussy about the fit of my shirts, which makes buying them an absolute nightmare. I'll just have to stop being lazy and learn how to sew shirts!