Lets have a real talk about public speaking

wpid-20150427_151853.jpg TLDR: No matter how I prepare, I can't help but want to curl into a tiny ball and pretend the earth doesn't exsist.

full outfit

I have a problem, and that problem is centered around not being able to give a presentation to more than 3 people who I don't know without falling apart.

I had to give a presentation on flute basics at Uni for the year below me. Now it's safe to say that I know quite a bit about basic flute stuff (at least you'd hope so considering it's been my primary instrument for like 12 years (side note, my god that's a long time. If my flute was a child, they would be in year 6 D:)). I'd been rehearsing what I was going to say, and felt fairly confident that this would be the day that I can confidently talk without feeling awful because this subject is my jam yo!

hair bow crystal glasses

I was quite wrong. I mean, I said everything I needed to, and I'm pretty sure I explained things fairly well, but I was feeling like a bit of a mess afterwards.

I think the weirdest thing is that this doesn't extend to performing or rehearsing. Put me in front of a class full of kids with some instruments, sheet music and a baton, I can talk confidently for years. Take away that rehearsal environment, I have absolutely no hope.  Likewise, if I'm in a performance setting introducing a piece of music is the most nerve-wracking part of the exercise.



Taking off my tartan jacket

It's funny, I never had this fear as a child, in fact I used to love giving presentations right up until my senior years of high school (my english teacher kind of ruined all of the english things I used to be good at/ love doing except reading books)

Twirling the pirate skirt

The fact that it takes me out of my comfort zone is the reason I do these things. The direction I'm looking at taking at the moment is centered around academic stuff, and part of doing all the academic stuff is doing both formal and informal presentations. I figure the only way to get over it is to keep on doing it despite the way I feel.

In other news I did the thing and made a facebook page for my blog! (It'd be super cool if you could go like it and stuff. Even cooler if you shared it!) As well as posting my blog posts there, I'll also share other photograph type things I do, feminist stuffs, probably quite a bit of music and maybe the occasional unsexy selfie.

A pirates life for me

wpid-pict_20150323_181157.jpg The GMS production of Pirates of Penzance had its last show on Saturday! It was a long, exhausting but brilliant run, and I'm quite glad I was involved. I actually had a day off on Sunday. To celebrate my free day, I slept in till noon and hit the sewing machine.


I've been meaning to sew another "tie" skirt for ages. They look super cute, and make me feel super piratey.


I had a pretty big sewing day today too. It's nice to be able to create things that aren't music once in a while.




Afternoon of a Faun

wpid-20140606_114700.jpg Because I'm a terrible person, today will be a double outfit post. I was quite exhausted yesterday evening, so I didn't get round to making a separate post D:

Today's Outfit:


It was dark, dank and dreary when I woke up this morning, hence my darker outfit today.


Ears: The cyber shop, Jacket: Spin Doctor, Shirt: Alley, Belt: Alannah Hill, Skirt: Home made, Tights: Ebay,               Shoes: Converse

This coat is the warmest coat I own. It's made out of a thick velveteen fabric, and it's lined. Unfortunately, it was no match for the Icy wind Newcastle is sporting at the moment!

This skirt is something I whipped up over the summer holidays. The fabric was super cheap at the time (Like $7 a meter!) so I bought heaps of it. I made a matching cape, and plan to make some pants out of it later in the year.


Seeing as I felt a bit like a forest fairy today I decided it would be appropriate to show a bit of love to the pot plants on the balcony. (Twas fun yo!)

Yesterdays Outfit:


I'll start this out by saying please excuse the photo quality. There's a reason I try and take my outfit photo's in full sun, and that is because my phone HATES unnatural light. My boss kindly took these for me after work.


Ears: The cyber shop, Jacket: Shop 55, Shirt: Cotton on, Belt: Thrifted, Tights: Alannah hill, Shoes: Some shop in Sydney I can't remember because I'm a terrible person.

I think this outfit is a wonderful example of how you can wear the same item of clothing twice in one week, and nobody can tell the difference. I wore these shorts on monday in a yellow based outfit. By wearing mostly green items today I have completely changed the mood of the shorts.

The jacket I'm wearing is a vintage jacket I picked up from Shop 55 in Woy Woy.Link to online shop --> [embed]https://shop55.com.au/[/embed] As soon as I saw it, I new there was no way I was leaving without it. (I mean, how often do you come across a lime green and white hounds tooth pattern coat)


Anyway, I shall leave you with a gorgeous photo showing off my full sick guitar playing skillz (cause that's how I rolllll)


Yo Ho Ho (and a bottle of rum)

wpid-20140604_150203.jpg I've never been one for playsuits. I thought they looked tacky and awkward, but for every rule there is an exception. For me, the exception is the "Evil Hearted you" playsuit, made by the brilliant Australian Designer Lady Petrova [embed]http://www.ladypetrova.com/[/embed]


This is the playsuit. I have literally never had anything that I didn't make fit me quite as perfectly as this did.


Beret: Thrifted, Jacket: Bodyline, Blouse: Shop 55 Playsuit: Lady Petrova, Belt: Shop 55, Tights: Ebay, Socks: Ebay, Gloves: Sportsgirl, Shoes: Dr Martins.


I always feel like such a pirate when I wear this coat. When paired with the open blouse I wore today, I felt even more piratey.

The blouse and belt I wore today came from this brilliant vintage shop in Woy Woy called Shop 55. This place is very very bad for my Wallet. Wendy, the lady who runs the shop, has a brilliant sense of style and  I love going in to talk fashion with her (although unfortunately, it's usually before work, so I can't stay as long as I'd like to).


Also totally bought a new phone case. I'd seen these floating around on the internet for a while, and finally decided to order one. It's so thick/annoying, but, it's cute, so it can stay.

Minty Fresh

20140531_144935 Mint and red is one of my all time favourite colour combinations.


Jacket: Alana Hill, Dress: Alley, Belt:Alanah Hill, Tights: Sports girl, Shoes: Thrifted.


Today was a work day, so I opted for a classic sort of look. I'm very lucky to work in an environment where I can pretty much wear whatever I want. Even so, I tend to tone things down a bit for work (Somehow I don't think my boss would appreciate me coming in with cat ears on my head)


These are my dogs.


This tiny creature is noodle.


And this one is bubbles.

Both of my dogs are rescue dogs which we have had for ages. They are legit the cutest little fluffballs I've ever seen. I just wish they would enjoy getting their photo's taken a bit more :P