One Whole Year.

Oh my gosh, I've been posting on The Emerald Ruby now for a whole year! I thought asĀ  a celebration of my fist successful attempt at blogging, I would share my 12 favourite outfits for this year. 20140529_131309(0)









I finally bought my current camera after 5 months of conning my friends and family into playing photographer for me!




Unfortunately it would still take me a few more months to cave and buy a tripod.






It's amazing to not only see how much my style has changed in the year since starting The Emerald Ruby, but to see how much my sewing has improved, and how much my photography has improved too! (although, that photography improvement is only noticeable when I'm not too busy to shoot properly!)

Lastly, I'd like to thank you all for sticking around with me! It's been a blast.

Lets hope this next blogging year is as good as the first!

Iceskating fun times.

wpid-20150110_133751.jpg My parents and I had a family day today, which due to my musicians schedule, isn't possible very often. We started by going to see into the woods (which was fabulous. Usually I don't enjoy musicals, but, I really loved the way the music was orchestrated, and the visuals were delightful) followed by an iceskating session. (It was just Dad and I for this. Mum doesn't enjoy iceskating, so she went home and read her book)


Dressing for the cold of the icerink and the warmth of the Australian Summer is always an arduous task. I decided to go with this outfit, because it breathes well, and I could add a pair of long mitten glove convertibles and call it a day.


So yeah. Dad and I had a great time in the rink. We chatted, I went fast, Dad tried to go backwards and fell over. All in all, a pretty good day.


Emerald Dapper Fun Times

wpid-c360_2014-12-16-18-58-41-808.jpg Yesterday was a very long day in which I learned a lot about myself. My workplace had their first aid training day, which meant I was in a class room from 9am to 5pm, with an hours break in the middle. The training was great and I can competently take over situations which need first aid.


Unfortunately, the training was done in a "classroom" setting. I don't do classrooms. I had an extremely hard time sitting still and paying attention. I also had a hard time not being outside/ making music (which is what I've been doing with my band quite a bit.) A friend of mine recently went on a long bike trip, and has been talking about feeling restless indoors. I really sympathised with her yesterday. (Her blog : I really love reading her blog, she's an excellent writer!)

Being constantly creative and stimulated made it really difficult for me to be in the classroom environment.


The other thing I learned was that you really don't want me doing your cpr (at least the compressions component of cpr) As a musician, I have incredibly sensitive hands and fingers, which tend to injure/ tire easily. I made it througm the compressions component, but not without injuring myself.




It was really odd wearing shorts to work. I pretty much exclusively wear dresses and skirts because it makes me feel crisp and professional. I'm glad I went with shorts though, because a dress or a skirt would have been very uncomfortable.




Hidden gems


I learnt yet another very valuable camera lesson on Tuesday. That lesson was 'always make sure your camera is charged'. Oh well, at least I got to use my phone camera's funky external fish eye lens!


I found yet another Park I didn't know existed this week.


I'm not sure what this one is called, but it has some very very pretty spots.

For example this spot here:


This was the only picture I got on my camera before it died and I switched to mobile. :(


Everything about this tiny part of the park was absolutely perfect in a forest fairy type of way.


As I mentioned earlier in the post, I snapped a few shots using my external fish eye lens. About 5 years ago I bought some teeny tiny little phone lenses to make taking photos on my ipod tough easier. I have a wide angle, a macro, a telephoto and the fish eye. Unfortunately I don't get to play much with them any more, but it's still very fun when I do get a chance to use them.

Big Green Bows

 star shoes  green skirt This is the last item from my weekend sewing binge.

Home made skirt green big bow

I bought this fabric about 5 or 6 months ago, and I originally intended to create a pair of pleated high waisted shorts out of it.

Big green bow polkadot tights

Obviously that did not happen. Instead I made this skirt. It was partially inspired by a grey polkadot drop waisted dress with a giant bow by Alannah Hill.


The skirt is a 3/4 circle skirt with a gathered section in the lower portion of the dress. I made he skirt super flouncy (Because that's the way I roll.) I'm thinking maybe I'll have to compile a video of how swishy some of my skirts and dresses are (Comment or whatever if you want that to happen) because when I have a swishy skirt on, literally all I want to do all day is stand in front of a mirror and swish.

Also, just quickly, I reached 100 blog posts the other day (I totally missed it. I think this is post 103) so there's that. Thanks to everyone who reads/supports my blogs :) It means a lot :D

The skirt