Gothic Lace

Not going to lie, this week has been pretty tough. I had a bunch of unpleasant work stuff happen, and have been in a state of feeling angry/powerless regarding the 2016 Australian Budget (TLDR, Malcom Turnbull is basically Tony Abbott). 

Anyway, I'm just going to leave you all with Thursdays outfit and paint myself out of my misery. 

Darkened Sweet Hearts

shoes It's come to that time of year where I start to complain about the heat we're currently experiencing in Australia (specifically my little corner of the east coast ) The sun is in full swing at the moment, and joining it is it's close friend humidity! I actually don't mind "disgustingly" hot days, as long as it's a dry heat. When it's a humid heat you can't cool down properly.

hand o hip

This is one of my go to "It's too hot for clothes" outfits. The material of the shirt is a super thin linen, which allows my skin to breathe. I tend to wear a lot of net stockings like these in summer as well. Again, the net allows my skin to breathe.



More deets

As cute as this outft is, I can't wait until the heat no longer dictates my clothing choices. I prefer a more covered up look, but that's just too hard when it's too hot for clothes.

looking to da syde

I experienced some subtle sexism the other day, and after reading this article earlier this evening (TLDR: A male science teacher told his class that girls aren't as good at physics as boys) it's been weighing on my mind.

Shoe Deets

I was at a party, and this guy was there. This was the first time I'd met him, and he seemed pretty solid. I've been getting pretty into photography this year and he's a semi professional photographer, so we ended up talking about photography. Sort of.



tea pot

I talked about photography, but he taught me about photography, explaining very rudimentary concepts which I'd practiced (and mastered) on my previous camera (which was a teeny tiny point and shoot) Despite displaying my enthusiasm and knowledge about photography right off the bat it was assumed that my knowledge and understanding was minimal.

We ended up talking about our processes and showing each other some bits of our portfolio (which for me is this blog). He was quite shocked when I told him I took them myself with a tripod and timer, as he'd assumed that Ro took my blog photos.

look up

There was this air of intellectual and artistic dominance that surrounded our entire exchange. Assumptions were made on his end that I was not an artistic equal which, after the assumption that my partner takes my blog photo's, I'm entirely sure were rooted in sexist tendencies. I am entirely sure that he wasn't consciously being sexist, but that's what bothers me most - this ingrained sexism (which I've had the pleasure of observing throughout my professional life).

I know it's just a little thing, but it's the little things that add up over time and snowball into bigger things.

Thinking about Tiny Trains

shoes I've been doing a lot of thinking lately (lately being the last 9 months), specifically about the way society is structured and what constitutes normal. I'd liken this change to waking up from a deep sleep. Throughout my life I've been told things, and haven't questioned them because adults are always right, but now "because I said so" isn't a good enough reason, so I've gone searching for answers. pinup

Many of those answers have lead me to a website called everyday feminism, which is a website that aims to educate and discuss intersectional feminist topics (Intersectional feminism is the view that women experience oppression in varying configurations and in varying degrees of intensity - Kimberlé Crenshaw) I'm going to be completely honest, before reading up on feminism / consuming feminist media, I didn't really think much about other societal  problems (such as racism, ableism, classism etc) Basically, I've been thinking critically about life, and trying to absorb information as objectively as possible before forming any sort of view.

skirt twirl

One thing I've been thinking a lot about lately is what constitutes normal. The more I think about "normal" the more I feel as though it's this myth society is being fed to make sure everyone toes the line and follows what I like to call "the life path" (finish school, get a job, get married, have kids) Don't get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the life path (I wouldn't exist without it) but it shouldn't be something that you do just because it's the normal thing to do.

walking away p

The biggest problem with normality is that it encourages you not to question it. So often I hear this is the way it is because that's how it has always been done.

I have always shied away from normalcy. I don't have a "normal" occupation or "normal" hobbies, I don't dress in a "normal" way, nor do I have "normal" views about life. I've never really been aware of how I don't fit into the "normal" box, but now I am, and now I'm trying to think critically about it. A science teacher of mine once said "question everything, even the things you know to be true" only now do I have the knowledge and curiosity to be able to do that.

butterfly brooch

Now onto less serious things! This is the outfit I wore on Monday. Occasionally when I create an outfit I will have a catalyst that the whole look stems from. The catalyst for this look happened to be the matching butterfly pins that my Mum bought me at an antique shop while her and my Dad were on holiday. When she bought them she thought they were earrings (and so did I on first inspection), but when I removed them from the packet I found they were a matching pin set.

hand through hai p

One of my favourite ways to wear matching pin sets is to pin them to the collar of a blouse, so that's exactly what I did.


Surprisingly, it was actually really hard to get them to sit straight. I tried for a good 10 or so minutes (which is a long time to be pinning pins onto something) before I gave up and just lived with them sitting crookedly.

out from the tree

Can I also talk briefly about my lipcolour? (Too bad if I can't, I'm going to anyway :P) Sometimes when I get stressed I like to buy lipstick. Usually when I buy lipstick I have a specific colour in mind, and this time the colour I was looking for was my hair colour (which, fun fact, you can't actually get in stores) Remember how I ordered(and wore) that delightfully green lipstick I few days agoL Welp, this was one of the other colours I got in that order.


It matches my hair colour perfectly, and feels comfortable on the lips, although, if you eat your lipcolour is done for (But I never wear it long enough to eat cause you can't play flute in it, and playing flute is my lyfe)

miniature trains


That's it! I hope you've all had a wonderful day :)

Red lattice shoes

shoes When I was quite young I never thought I would be into fashion. I especially thought I wouldn't be into shoes. I would watch the perfect women on TV squealing over shoes and wonder what they saw in the deadly stiletto stilts they would attach to their feet.


Even 6 years ago when I was developing my alternative fashion sense I didn't get shoes. I had a few pairs of comfortable plainish shoes that pretty much matched with everything. I'm not sure what changed between then and now, but somewhere along the way I realised that a good pair of shoes can make or break an outfit.

staring into space

I now own a lot of shoes. I'd estimate I'm getting pretty close to 30 pairs. Like I said before, shoes can make or break an outfit, and each pair of shoes I own serves a different purpose (mostly changing the shape or colouring of the outfit)

sittingby the fountain

The shoes I wore today are my latest finds. Every time I go thrifting I check out the shoe section, fall in love with a bunch of shoes, but leave them all behind as they are almost always several sizes too small. Not this time. These shoes were fabulous and they fit my size 9 feet (it's not that my feet are freakishly large. People who donate shoes just have freakishly small feet :P) Now, let me be clear, I have some very high standards when I thrift for shoes. They must pretty much be unworn, and they can't have a smell (lucky for me, all of the shoes that fit have beet both of these things!)

from the back


I was especially lucky with these shoes. I'm entirely sure these have never been worn. The soles have no wear, there are no scuff marks and no signs of fabric deterioration. The material they're made from is a sort of short velvet. They're also super comfy and easy to walk in (all of the height is in the platform, not in the heel. If you chopped off the platform, these shoes would be kitten heal hight)

to the side port

Most of the shoes I've been attracted to recently have been shoes with a platform. I like the extra high they give without sacrificing the comfort of my tootsies. I also love the sound they make. It's a loud confident clip clop sort of sound. I've always associated that sound with strong important women, and as silly as this sounds, when I wear shoes that make that noise, I feel like a strong important woman.

looking away land


Green Machine

shoes There comes a point in every young adults life where they look into moving out of their parents home because living there doesn't make sense anymore. I've reached that point, and as well as being a little scary, It's a big fat reminder that yes, despite my appearance and lifestyle, I am in fact an adult.

Crossed legs look sideways

Rohan and I have started viewing and applying for houses. I may be a little bit excited.  The area we're looking at is pretty close to home, it's just significantly closer to public transport, making my life a whole lot easier (and my transport costs wayyy cheaper)

without jacket

I've been living in the same house for 20 years, so this whole packing up your life and moving thing is a foreign concept for me. It'll be fun though. I'm currently living on an opposite sleep schedule to my parents (They wake up in the wee hours of the morning to go to work, and I come back in the wee hours of the morning returning home from work), so this move will make life easier for everyone.



lens flare w jacket

This is what I wore on Monday. I don't tend to wear this skirt often. I'm not sure why, but it's super comfy, and I'll definitely be wearing it more often.  It's made from a chiffon type fabric with really tight single pleats. You can't see it super well from the photos (I did take detail shots, but I failed at focusing the camera :s) but this skirt is covered in tiny white apples with purple leaves.



patting noodle w lens flare

One thing I'm really not looking forward to about moving out is I won't be able to take my dogs with me. Out of all of the houses we're looking at viewing (I think there were about 10 or 15 in our price range) there was one that might consider pets, and even if the others allowed pets, they were mostly flats. It wouldn't be fair to move my doggies from having a big backyard to maybe a tiny balcony. I'll still be able to visit them, but it won't be the same.