One Whole Year.

Oh my gosh, I've been posting on The Emerald Ruby now for a whole year! I thought asĀ  a celebration of my fist successful attempt at blogging, I would share my 12 favourite outfits for this year. 20140529_131309(0)









I finally bought my current camera after 5 months of conning my friends and family into playing photographer for me!




Unfortunately it would still take me a few more months to cave and buy a tripod.






It's amazing to not only see how much my style has changed in the year since starting The Emerald Ruby, but to see how much my sewing has improved, and how much my photography has improved too! (although, that photography improvement is only noticeable when I'm not too busy to shoot properly!)

Lastly, I'd like to thank you all for sticking around with me! It's been a blast.

Lets hope this next blogging year is as good as the first!

5 Lands


The last Sunday of the month is always my favourite. This is because my favourite venue of all time, The Rhythm Hut run an event called 5 lands, which is a jam band. Basically it's a random mish mash of musicians making music up on the spot, which I find incredibly fun, and totally musically liberating.


Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of the outfit I wore to 5 lands. I did however get photos of the outfit I wore to my New Empire Rehearsal today! We're learning a lot of new songs in Empire at the moment, which is super cool for 3 reasons: 1) We're learning more ragtime,which I love 2) I have to do research, which means I get to listen to binge listen to 20's music on youtube without feeling guilty about not doing my homework, and 3) Most of the new pieces actually have dedicated flute parts, which are written for me to be able to breath and not hate my fingers!


I'm also super excited for the launch of a video project my band was involved in. I think I may have talked briefly about it before, but what ever, it's a cool thing, so I'll talk about it again.


The project is called Sounds of Newcastle. The creator Sam from Kingdom Design recorded 8 Newcastle musicians in 8 iconic Newcastle locations, and is releasing them week by week starting this week (I think). He also managed to secure a screening at a local theatre (which I can't go to because I have to teach. Boo) You can read more about the project here.



T minus 1 week

wpid-c360_2015-02-14-18-56-51-530.jpg That's how long I have till uni goes back. I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of being musically educated, but I'm not looking forward to living on the city rail network again.


Commuting is actually the worst. Especially on public transport. When you catch public transport you're at the mercy of many complex human process working together to get you from a to b on time. As of late, Sydney trains has been failing in this department.


Enough about commuting though! I'm going to enjoy my last week "off" while it lasts.


Would you like a cup of tea?

wpid-c360_2015-01-23-18-19-07-819.jpg My current occupation is freelance musician. Part of my job is to teach music. This means that much of my schedule (including when I have a holiday) is controlled by school time. The school holidays is drawing to a close, and today I broke my being in denial about working again pattern and started creating my student schedule.


I think part of the reason I've been so slow to get my work life together is because I know once school goes back I'll pretty much have a non stop work life until next summer (this has been the case since high school finished)


I wish exhaustion wasn't a thing. I love teaching flute, but I hate how tired it makes me feel. (I can't create things when I'm tired) I was just starting to feel relaxed and rested as well.


Today wasn't all bad though. I met up for coffee with my friend Adam which was lovely, and this evening Ro and I finished watching season 1 of attack on titan (If you like anime such as sword art online, accell world, eureka 7 and highschool of the dead, this is a must watch!)

Mint Ruby

wpid-c360_2015-01-06-18-05-44-710.jpg I must apologise for my lackluster written content over the past few days. I've not been doing much, and the stuff I am doing is rather boring to talk about (I'm sure you lot wouldn't appreciate me going into great detail about registering the car...)



So yeah, today I registered the car and played some video games (Portal 2 and Mario kart 4 lyfe).


This is what I wore yesterday. After dressing so casually lately, I decided that I wanted to class it up. My mum bought me a bunch of these short knitted cardigans, which makes being classy in summer super simple.