Saturated in Silver

wpid-c360_2015-01-28-18-01-59-622.jpg Today was another cold, wet, grey day. No one should be cold in summer in Australia. But alas, there's not much I could do except layer up.


I'm channeling my inner silver lining, because who doesn't love shiny things! I also got a hair cut today, which is super good. (I finally feel like myself again)


You know how I've had exciting legit blog things happening recently? Well, I had another one happen today. I had Christopher over at legstyle interview me about my love of tights and socks! click here for the interview

Bunnies, Bee's and Double Bows

wpid-c360_2015-01-21-18-35-04-006.jpg I think I finally lost it today. When I woke up and got dressed, the last thought I had about this outfit was "I need to pin another bow to the bow I have on the skirt because there's not enough bowage on this skirt"

I now present to you "Rabbit Skirt with Double Bow"


Apart from the double bow, I had an excellent day! I attended the first annual Flutation Summer School that Rosalie Bourne from Flute tutor Australia organised.


I've never seen so many flutes together in one place on the coast at any one time. (More amazing than that, they had to close registration early because they reached capacity super quickly!)


I'm super keen for day two. I've been floating between the various groups helping out on some of the weaker parts in the beginner and advanced groups, and having fun sight reading times with the advanced group. It's so nice being around so many like minded people!





Furry Friends

wpid-c360_2014-12-24-17-07-58-434.jpg I hit my sewing machine last night and sewed a new skirt.




It's a pretty simple design: 3/4 circle skirt with a gathered edge and bow stitched on. I'm thinking I might try and do the tutorial thing, but not until after new year.





I also broke out my faux fur capelet. I've barely worn it this year, which is odd, because you could barely tear it off me in 2013.




Also, before I forget, Have a Merry Christmas! (because Christmas is tomorrow!) We're having some family friends around for Lunch, which will be lovely. (and in true Australian Fashion, we'll be having prawns for lunch!)