Little Red Riding Hood

shoes I feel as thought I've been sharing a lot of negativity on the internet lately. Yes, there are a lot of injustices that I'm angry about, but I also have a lot to be grateful for. So, I thought I would share (in no particular order) a list of 5 things I'm grateful for.

1) My family and friends. I am lucky that my family and friends show so much love and support me 100%. From my parents who encourage my creative pursuits, to my friends who let me indulge in all sorts of silly things.

2) My music community. I am involved in an extensive and supportive music community who encourage me to grow as a musician, and encourage the bands I'm part of to grow as composers and performers.

3) My mentors. I have so many great mentors in my life, from formal mentors such as my flute and composition teacher, to more informal mentors who have provided so many opportunities to grow musically and improve my teaching skills.


4) My students. The majority of my student base are passionate youngsters who are passionate about learning music and learning the flute, making them an absolute pleasure to teach. These students make me want to improve as a musician and a teacher so I can give them the best musical education possible.

5) The stability I have in life. I have been so lucky to have had a wonderful education, and I've never had to go without. I've not done anything to deserve the success I've had, but I'm determined not to squander these opportunities I've been given, because so many others have not had access to them.


This is the outfit I wore Monday for my Monday training bands end of term concert. I always feel super smart in monochrome red outfits. I have a lot of red in my wardrobe as well, so monochrome red is really easy for me to put together. The cape was given to me a few months ago by my friend (and style extraordinaire behind the New Empire Ballroom Ragtime Dance Orchestra) It's finally warm enough for me to wear it! (I can see it becoming a summer staple)

This outfit made me feel very little red riding hood (which is always a good thing. Life is too short to not be a fairy tale character.)


Nature Nonsense

IMG_0522 This is the outfit I wore on Tuesday. It's a miracle I managed to get dressed as I was very very tired from my gig with Button collective the night before. Not only did I manage to get dressed, but I came up with a super cute outfit :D



I bought this cape recently at my local Salvoes. The colouring is quite unusual, making it quite hard to match. (It's kind of a brown, blue based emerald green and off white tweedy knit fabric) After making this outfit I'm super glad I took the risk.


It's also pretty warm for an item of clothing that only goes as far as my elbows.

IMG_0425 IMG_0458

One Whole Year.

Oh my gosh, I've been posting on The Emerald Ruby now for a whole year! I thought as  a celebration of my fist successful attempt at blogging, I would share my 12 favourite outfits for this year. 20140529_131309(0)









I finally bought my current camera after 5 months of conning my friends and family into playing photographer for me!




Unfortunately it would still take me a few more months to cave and buy a tripod.






It's amazing to not only see how much my style has changed in the year since starting The Emerald Ruby, but to see how much my sewing has improved, and how much my photography has improved too! (although, that photography improvement is only noticeable when I'm not too busy to shoot properly!)

Lastly, I'd like to thank you all for sticking around with me! It's been a blast.

Lets hope this next blogging year is as good as the first!

Playing with Texture


I had my first day off in weeks today (which meant I was able to stay in my pyjamas until way to late in the afternoon) If I didn't have some errands to run, I probably would have stayed in my PJ's all day.


This is what I wore to run errands! I'm technically wearing two dresses (but the one I'm wearing on top is incredibly see through) Normally the top layer is worn with a blue body con dress. I've often thought about styling the see through layer separately to the body con, but it looks a little silly if the dress underneath is busy, finishes as a circle skirt, or pokes out the bottom of the organza.

The lace dress I wore underneath is the only other dress I own that does not look silly with it!




The errands I had to run were in Woy Woy. I often get comments about my outfit, but the comment I recieved today was a first. This old dude said "I love your outfit. You must be a party girl"  I find this comment particularly amusing because I don't party.

So yeah, I pretty much floated around all day because this is an incredibly floaty outfit.




If you've been following my blog for a while, you've probably noticed I've always got bracelets on my wrists. I thought I would showcase them today! The only time I ever take these off is when I have a photo shoot, so I'm never without them.




The reason I don't take them off is because each bracelet was given to me by a loved one. Every time I look at my wrists, I am reminded of those who love me :)


Misogynist teenage bogans: AKA Why I maintain tunnel vision while in public

wpid-camera_20141126194826823.jpg Today was quite an eventful day. It started out with having coffee with Ro and Adam, which was very lovely, then followed by an awful afternoon full of teenage misogynist bogans, and then topped off by an Orchestral rehearsal which left me tired and Hangry.

I was verbally assalted by 3 separate packs of teenage boys this afternoon within the space of an hour. The first event was when I was getting out of my car to take outfit photos. Two boys no older than 14 yelled out various versions of "hey sexy" and "nice ass"

The second event was at a local Mc Donalds, where I was greeted with more "hey sexy" and variations thereof by slightly older boys.

The third was when I was buying a drink from the servo. This bogan was probably about 17ish 18 ish. He was wearing shorts, and one of those racerback singlets with the huge armholes and low neckwhich shows off all the "alpha male muscles bro ha ha footy"ness of their physique.

Finally, to top off these three events, I was told that I was asking for it because of the way I had dressed that day. I can 100% guarantee had I been male, wearing shorts and nothing else , I wouldn't have heard a peep from the young lads in woy woy.

So, After that word vomit, this is what I wore today.


This outfit may be unusual, but in no way is it provocative. I'm wearing long sleeves for goodness sake! My shorts may be short, but the length still has a good 5 cm's on the current lengths of store bought short shorts.

I don't even know why I'm trying to justify why my outfit shouldn't be commented on in such an inappropriate way. I am not an object. I am human and should be treated as such. The behavior displayed by the bogans this afternoon is inappropriate and dehumanizing. Their behaviour aims to not only put me down, but to make me feel less than, and to make my gender feel less than.

I suppose I just can't believe that such uncivilized people still exist in today's society. I think the saddest thing is that these boys will probably have children one day, and these children will be taught that this behaviour is ok. The only way for these children to ever have a chance at not continuing the sexism cycle is for people (especially women) to come out and talk about these experiences.


The next time you experience sexist behaviour, I emplor you to speak out publicly against it. It's the only way to create a safe an equal enviroment for ourselves, and our future generation.