Polka dots, Tiny Dogs and Fish Eye lenses

Fisheye Shoes If you know me IRL you'll know I have a bit of a thing for gadgets, particularly photography gadgets (It all started back in year 11 with my ipod touch and detachable macro/wide angle lense). As you know if you've been reading my blog, I recently acquired a new camera. True to form, one of the first things I did was become a google sleuth and find a bunch of cool gadgety thingamabobs to play with.

I ordered a few things, but the only thing I had time to play with this afternoon was the detachable fisheye lens. Basically it's an extra thing which you can screw onto the end of any lens (providing you have the right thread converter) to make in into a fisheye. It works particularly well with a wide angle lens, as it creates the full circular distortion which the fisheye is known for.

June 4th 2015 normal

The fisheye addon is in no way professional quality, but boy is it fun. It gives that super duper "too wide" view of the world in only the way a fisheye can. It was also super cheap, which is good. If you're looking for a fisheye lens to have fun with that's super cheap, I highly recommend this lens :D

June 4th 2015 Taking off coat

On a more fashion-y note, it's interesting how different people interpret  "matching" and "clashing". I personally would consider this outfit "clashing" in a "cohesive" kind of way (ie, there's a lot of stuff going on, but it's united by pattern theme and colour scheme) One of my students today commented  on how they loved how "matching" my outfit was. And I mean I suppose in some way it is, but it definitely isn't by mainstream fashion standards.

June 4th 2015 Closeup


(I feel like I shouldn't have to say this, but todays post has been a little "review"-y today. I wasn't sponsored by the maker of the fisheye or photojojo to say anything about the thing. I just did it cause it's a fun photography toy)

Dogs on a soapbox

wpid-pict_20150520_150904.jpg I had my first gig with Button Collective on Monday. It was amazing. The crowd was great, the musicians I was playing with were great, and the songs we were playing were great. It was just a brilliant night, with brilliant peeps and brilliant music and I cannot wait to do it again next Monday.


Like many people in their early 20's  I've been doing a lot of thinking about life, and I've come to a few realisations, mostly concerning the artistic path I'm traveling down.

I decided that I wanted to play flute for a living when I was 6. My parents had this tape called Lord of the Dance, which I watched on a regular basis. I loved the music, and I especially love the sound of the flute. When I eventually took up flute 4 years later I was directed down a classical path. The classical education I received was brilliant, and has prepared me wonderfully for the professional music world, but it did have some downfalls, the most notable of which was a conservative approach to musical occupations (preparing for a non classical carreer was never presented as an option).


The other educational misfortune I've experienced was the idea that I have to choose one artistic discipline. When I was in year 12 I was made to choose between visual arts and music. (obviously) I chose music, and up until semester 2 last year I hadn't really approached art making "properly" since Highschool (and even then, I've only really started to get back into the swing of artmaking over the last few months. I filled a sketch book this week. I haven't done that since highschool yo!)

As  much as I love music, sometimes I wonder if I made the right choice, although recently the thought has been why did I choose at all (I actually know exactly why I felt like I had to choose. The way the HSC/University applications/subjects are structured makes it incredibly difficult to play around with the idea specialising in more than one subject. That and my school teachers offered me no advice about my options)


I've been left with this creative need. In a dream world I would be able to study music and creative arts full time side by side, and not have to worry about how I can fund my creative pursuits. But that's not the way life works. I feel like outside of the creative bubbles found in major cities, the general populous actively tries to oppress the "creative" way of life, because didn't you know, the idea of living off your art is silly and unobtainable because it's not "real" work.


If you made it to the end of my creative soap box ramble congratulations! I'd love to know if you've ever had a similar "existential crisis" and what it's about.

5 Lands


The last Sunday of the month is always my favourite. This is because my favourite venue of all time, The Rhythm Hut run an event called 5 lands, which is a jam band. Basically it's a random mish mash of musicians making music up on the spot, which I find incredibly fun, and totally musically liberating.


Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of the outfit I wore to 5 lands. I did however get photos of the outfit I wore to my New Empire Rehearsal today! We're learning a lot of new songs in Empire at the moment, which is super cool for 3 reasons: 1) We're learning more ragtime,which I love 2) I have to do research, which means I get to listen to binge listen to 20's music on youtube without feeling guilty about not doing my homework, and 3) Most of the new pieces actually have dedicated flute parts, which are written for me to be able to breath and not hate my fingers!


I'm also super excited for the launch of a video project my band was involved in. I think I may have talked briefly about it before, but what ever, it's a cool thing, so I'll talk about it again.


The project is called Sounds of Newcastle. The creator Sam from Kingdom Design recorded 8 Newcastle musicians in 8 iconic Newcastle locations, and is releasing them week by week starting this week (I think). He also managed to secure a screening at a local theatre (which I can't go to because I have to teach. Boo) You can read more about the project here.



Mint Ruby

wpid-c360_2015-01-06-18-05-44-710.jpg I must apologise for my lackluster written content over the past few days. I've not been doing much, and the stuff I am doing is rather boring to talk about (I'm sure you lot wouldn't appreciate me going into great detail about registering the car...)



So yeah, today I registered the car and played some video games (Portal 2 and Mario kart 4 lyfe).


This is what I wore yesterday. After dressing so casually lately, I decided that I wanted to class it up. My mum bought me a bunch of these short knitted cardigans, which makes being classy in summer super simple.




Cat Dog

wpid-c360_2015-01-05-19-12-32-106.jpg One of the best worst things about being on holidays is the time available to be able to binge watch all the American TV I've missed out on over my uni semesters.


Over the past 4 days, I've been watching American Horror Story, which has taken the number 1 place in my all time favourite TV shows. (I might make a list once I find my external drive, which has tragically been misplaced in my recent clean out) I'm a pretty big horror buff, so American horror story scratches all of my itches!


Unfortunately for me, Season 4 doesn't finish for another 3 weeks :( Maybe I'll get started on supernatural to pass the time...