Red makes the pinstripes go faster...


There was so much pink yesterday, that today I had to dress slightly less girly. (As much as I love pink, there's only so much pink I can take!)


With all of the cold weather I've fallen in love with pants again. I haven't been wearing pants because I've been experimenting quite a bit with how I construct my outfits (I tend to style pants in similar ways). As far as pants go, I've been styling them this way since I was about 16/17, so it's easy to see how I got a bit sick of them.

Blazer: Black friday, Shirt: Cotton On, Vest: Thrifted, Belt: Low Life, Jeans: Sweet Vengeance, Shoes: Dr Martins

But after a long winter of wearing skirts, dresses and shorts with tights underneath, I'm ready to embrace full length leg wear.