Bunnies, Bee's and Double Bows

wpid-c360_2015-01-21-18-35-04-006.jpg I think I finally lost it today. When I woke up and got dressed, the last thought I had about this outfit was "I need to pin another bow to the bow I have on the skirt because there's not enough bowage on this skirt"

I now present to you "Rabbit Skirt with Double Bow"


Apart from the double bow, I had an excellent day! I attended the first annual Flutation Summer School that Rosalie Bourne from Flute tutor Australia organised.http://www.flutetutor.com.au/


I've never seen so many flutes together in one place on the coast at any one time. (More amazing than that, they had to close registration early because they reached capacity super quickly!)


I'm super keen for day two. I've been floating between the various groups helping out on some of the weaker parts in the beginner and advanced groups, and having fun sight reading times with the advanced group. It's so nice being around so many like minded people!





Frankenstein's Monster (Feat. New glasses from Vision Direct)

wpid-pixlr.jpg This week has been full of big deals for my blog. The first was getting featured on PERSON'S blog as one of her favourite bloggers (You can read her magnificent blog here: http://beautylove7694.blogspot.com.au/ )

The next big deal was being contacted by Vision Direct (http://www.visiondirect.com.au)  about doing a collaboration. (Technically I was contacted a few weeks ago, but the post is going up today so W/E! )


Basically Vision Direct sent me the glasses I wore today, and boy are they magnificent (the words my optometrist used were "princess glasses")  Choosing the frames was a wonderful ordeal. Not only is the website easy to navigate, they have so many fabulous options (It took me about 2 hours to narrow my choices down to this one) Looking at the choices in comparison to the place I normally buy my glasses, they were all very well priced. http://www.visiondirect.com.au/designer-eyeglasses/general/-Women---------------------


The pair I chose were these ones made by Swarovski  http://www.visiondirect.com.au/designer-eyeglasses/Swarovski/Swarovski-SW-5039-089-192121.html (It's at this moment I'd like to say how glad this is a blog and not a youtube channel, as I still can't say this word correctly) These things are so so so beautiful. They were also perfect fit out of the box, and the arms on the frames are incredible sturdy. The plastic they used is crystal clear and very high quality.

I actually received the glasses about a week ago, but had to go get my prescription put in the frames (as I was only sent the frames, and I can't see without my prescription) FEAR NOT! If you're blind like me, you can get them sent out with prescription lenses!


Lets talk about what I'm wearing. I bought this cropped jumper from my favourite Vinnies (Woy Woy Vinnies is where it's at) It's hella cute, but incredibly hard to style. This week I finally worked out how to style it (Pro tip: Tartan goes with EVERYTHING). I love the asymmetrical sleeves with zig zag stitch detailing. (Makes me feel like an adorable Frankenstein's monster.)



wpid-c360_2015-01-20-18-21-29-768.jpg wpid-c360_2015-01-20-18-21-04-926.jpg wpid-c360_2015-01-20-18-21-51-805.jpg

Before I shot the photo's for this post, I shot some "Just in Case" photos (Just in case my frames didn't get back from the optometrists in time for the post to go up) So here are my bonus just in case photos!


Snow Dogz

wpid-20140727_170602.jpg Today was another ordinary Sunday. I woke up, got dressed, and went to my rehearsal. I'm a singer and Flautist in The New Empire Ballroom Ragtime and Jazz Orchestra. Basically we mostly play music that was written between 1900 and 1930 (we specialize in 1920's music). We haven't had a performance in agessss, and it's so nice to get back into the swing of things.  (If you're interested, here's our show reel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abxvscyrOJM and our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/New-Empire-Ballroom-Ragtime-Dance-Orchestra/133418976695940?fref=ts)



This coat man. I've been eyeing it off in tree of life for about 2 years. The lovely Ro Dogz knew this, so he made it my birthday present this year. I. Literally. Don't. Ever. Want. To. Take. It. Off. (It's actually perfect.)


Uni goes back tomorrow, which is both nerve wracking and exciting! I'm really looking forward to hanging out/jamming with my peeps, but, I could pass on most of the assignments.


Speaking of Uni! My band has all the gigs coming up at Newcastle University. The first one is this Wednesday at 12:00 at Bar on the Hill at Main Campus. If you're around then you should totes come out. :3