Beaded Mint

shoes My op shopping has been on point the past week. See those shoes? I found them at Samaritans in Hamilton this week. Not only are they super comfy and a perfect fit, but they're covered in this gorgeous bead detail. They're slightly taller than a kitten heal (which is my second favourite type of heal) I think they must have been someone's wedding shoes.


I'm not sure what era they're from either. The brand, Alan pinkus, has been making shoes since the 1950's, but the shape is unlike any 50's shoes I've ever seen. (I'm entirely sure they're not from the 50's. The materials aren't right either) I posted a picture on instagram, and someone had a guess that they're from the 80's, but the label on the inside differs from the Alan Pinkus 80's shoes I've seen.

pidgeon toe

I emailed the shoe company of the same name, but they were no help. A larger company had bought the brand a number of years ago and the back catalog / history didn't transfer with it (only the "home grown" story made the cut) On a slightly related note, it really gets on my nerves when company's do this. It happened with Alannah Hill. She was fired from her own company, and since then the brand has been existing off the reputation she built. The design aesthetic changed almost immediately after she left, but the dresses continue to spout her namesake. (in case you're a fan, she's since started a new label: Louise Love)

hand in hair

Surprisingly Google has been no help either. The results my googling return all have something to do with buying vintage / alan pinkus shoes rather than dating them.


Now my question to you! Do you know of any resources for researching vintage footwear? If you do I would greatly appreciated them, because apparently my googling skills aren't what they used to be.

Ruby Icecream

wpid-pict_20150501_171010.jpg I am getting quite sick of the weather situation currently plaguing the east coast of Australia. I've spent the past few days slightly cold and damp (despite using an umbrella) and there's not much I can do about it (actually, apart from not leaving my house ever, there isn't anything I can do about it.)


Apart from the weather being a bit dark, dank and dreary, this weekend has been quite fun. I had a rehearsal with Vanishing Shapes Friday and Saturday, which was split up by watching Bin Juice play the last Lass gig of their residency, and seeing dave take their spot.  (dave are such a cool band, but their band name is actually the worst, not because it isn't freaking cool, but because a quick google search churns up so many unrelated things/people with the name dave :s)


I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but my band is taking this month off gigging to write new music. We have so many half finished pieces / ideas which we haven't been able to fully realise because we've had to get our set really tight. I'm really looking forward to playing our new stuff :D


This is the outfit I wore Friday. I don't really have much to say about it except it made me feel super cute (but then again, what outfit doesn't make me feel super cute?)

On a practical note, I wouldn't normally wear these shoes with this sort of outfit, but I decided that it was more important for my feet to be dry and comfy than for my shoes to completely go with my outfit. (Does this mean I get some adult points?)



The St Albans that wasn't

wpid-pict_20150425_155740.jpg About a week and a half ago my band decided to do a YOLO, purchase some tickets to the St Albans folk festival and play all of the blackboard sessions to get our sound out there/meet new cool peeps. We ran into a slight spot of bother with the rain storm this week. The road to St Albans is not sealed and its right next to the river, meaning the folk festival was cancelled (it might be postponed, but I haven't checked yet. Anyway, point is we didn't end up at the festival) We decided to go camping anyway and jam/write some music at Wiseman's ferry (which is pretty close to St Albans).


There were quite a few people at the same campsite who'd travelled a long way for the festival and had the same plan as us, so we ended up having an impromptu "black board" style music day.


We met so many awesome people and played so much awesome music. You can be sure we'll be going to more folk festivals!



Pastle Icecream

wpid-pict_20150413_164935.jpg Today has been a little bit bad (I did the 5 more minutes (which turned into 3 more hours)and then I'll wake up thing. Thank goodness I didn't have anywhere to be!)  and a little bit good (After hours of googling and email, I think I finally get how to do a case study analysis in reference to a creative subject)


Quite a few of my favourite bloggers have been wearing pastel clothing the last few days, and it put me in a pastel kind of mood. It's hard to tell in this photo, but I've got 4 different pastel hues going on (mint blue and purple in the shirt, waffle cone yellow and mint green in the skirt). I've basically been walking around campus feeling like an icecream/fairyfloss/piece of cake all day, which has been super fun.


As well as studying, I also had to get a new student card today. 2 weeks ago I somehow managed to loose my student card, and I finally had some spare time to replace it. No more paying full fare for me! (I had to do it for 2 weeks. It sucked big time.)


Improvisation and the problem with an all classical music education

wpid-c360_2015-01-18-14-25-46-020.jpg Oh man I've been a busy bee this weekend. Saturday I started my day with a flute lesson (aka, one of the best ways to start the day) and I'm just about to head to a rehearsal now (Blogging 10 mins before I have to leave. #yolo) but the real highlight of this weekend has to be Veda St Sounds hosted by my magnificent friend Jessie Drane. (She's also a marvelous singer/ composer: )


Veda St sounds in a small music festival held at Jessie's house every year (I think sometimes it's more frequent, but I can't remember) Anyway, yesterdays version was split into two segments: The open mic and the bands. I had a jam with some awesome peeps in the Open Mic, and then ended up joining Bin Juice for the last few songs of their set.

wpid-c360_2015-01-18-14-20-35-146.jpgBeing able to play in a non classical setting is a skill I've picked up since I've been at Uni, and every time I find myself in a situation I have to improvise, I wish that it was encouraged earlier in my musical education. I was reading a great article on a website somewhere (It was a while ago, and I've since lost the link) about how its only recently that Improvisation has been discouraged in classical circles (and being classically trained, I've experienced this first hand) There's this sort of unspoken myth perpetuated by people in the classical world that 1) Improvisation is for Jazz musicians and 2) It's hella hard/ scary to do. I can attest that neither of these things are true. Being able and confident enough to improvise has also made my relationship with my instrument so much closer. I feel no separation between my flute and myself. When I was playing purely classically, I would only have this feeling when I was playing with sheet music. wpid-c360_2015-01-18-14-21-05-015.jpg I have two ensembles to thank for giving me a love of improvisation: The first is the Rhythm Hut's 5 Lands Band (5 Lands is thrown together once a month. It always has a different lineup, and they've never played the same concert twice.) . The first time I played with this ensemble the only contact with improvisation I'd ever had was in a shitty component in my course at uni. The experience was such a lot of fun, and I still play with them when I can. The second is my own band (specifically our first semester together working with Daryl, who encouraged us to do weird ugly shit with our instruments). Jamming/ improvisation is still a huge part of our writing process to this day! wpid-c360_2015-01-18-14-23-58-265.jpg Anyway, I should have left for my rehearsal 5 mins ago D: I'm going to stop rambling, and disappear.