Green Hair, Don't Care

wpid-c360_2014-12-23-15-42-59-037_20141223220659905.jpg You know those days where you hardly leave the house? I had one of those today (I only left the house to pick up a few things from Coles)

I decided that I may as well dress up and take some outfit photos while I was at it, hence why I'm wearing a pretty dress.


I also broke out my green wig. As well as having no need to leave the house, I was having a bad hair day, and I could not be bothered trying to wrangle my hair into an acceptable state, so I just shoved some fake hair on top.




If I didn't have to be conservative at my job (and if I didn't have to wash my hair so often) I would totally dye my hair this colour (in fact, I had parts of it dyed this colour for a little while. The upkeep was wayyy to much trouble)




I've also been experiencing what I like to call "Wardrobe Meh". I get like this when I haven't been sewing for a while. The symptoms include: Feeling bored with my wardrobe, Only wanting to wear pieces I've sewn then deciding that everything I've made is crap (except that one skirt that's in my wash basket), changing my outfit 3 or 4 times before I leave the house because it makes me feel; fat, frumpy, bleh, colour blind. I hate feeling like this (which Is why I'm currently with my sewing machine, gearing up for a late night of sewing madness.)