Moar Texture

wpid-20141228_195057.jpg I watched an entire season of Legend of Korra today. I may or may not have stayed in my pyjamas until 4pm while doing this. I'm not a complete slob though, I did get dressed eventually.


The reason I got dressed was because I needed to go for a walk (being inside was driving me nuts, and the sun came out this afternoon after a very cloudy/rainy morning) Yet again, I decided that I may as well get dressed properly and show my  blog some love.


I've really been enjoying the whole playing with texture thing. I feel like its added another element to my outfits (and you all know how I love to be eclectic!) I decided to wear both my bow and belt under the semi sheer top layer to add an element of surprise (This is why I'm not in the fashion industry, my descriptions are dreadful!)





I took my kindle on my walk, and found a lovely spot in the sun to plonk myself down for several hours and finish the book I was reading; Undivided by Neal Shusterman. It's the 4th book in the Unwind Dystology, and like the other books, was brilliantly written.

The TLDR of the series is the main character guy is a teenager living in a futuristic society in which after the age of 13 parents can send for the government to come and collect their naughty child and have 99% of their body donated for medical purposes. They call this "living in the divided state" and the process of getting there is called "unwinding". Anyway, the main guys parents send in an unwind order for him, which causes him to start a very long process of getting society to realise what idiots they are for thinking of this as acceptable behaviour.

So yeah, great book!



I also thought I'd show my current photography setup for those who are interested. I'm a lover of all things gadgety, so my setup is full of weird, but handy little gadgets.