New Years Eve

wpid-pict_20141231_160609.jpg I have a double outfit post for you this evening because I've worn two outfits today. This first one I wore busking with da boyz in Newcastle. We went mostly to promote our gig at the Lass this evening (we got put on the New Years Lineup!)

The second one is what I'm wearing for our gig tonight!


We've also got a one off lineup for tonight! Our friend Claudia Cox, who is an amazing violinist, is performing with us tonight. She's been in Europe (most recently Norway) for the last 1 1/2 years, and came back this summer to visit friends and family. It was pretty cool that we were able to nab her.

The project I'm most familiar with that she regularly works on is her folk trio, the Claudia cox trio.Here are some links if you're interested in her playing!


I suppose this is where I talk about end of year stuff... As far as last years resolutions go, my main ones were to 1) learn to sew dresses (check) 2) Practice more (check) and 3) to start a fashion blog (check) It's been a full on year.


I was reminiscing about this year with a friend earlier today, and we came to the conclusion that this year has felt a lot longer than a year. Often I would come home after uni feeling as though I had live 3 days in the space of one.

In the coming year I have a few goals (I won't call them resolutions, because their success with partially be determined by luck) 1) I want to perform more with Vanishing Shapes, and hopefully get more of a following so that we can tour Nationally 2) I'm going to have another crack at the making/selling of jewellery, 3) I want to organise classical composer/performer concerts.



I hope you all have a wonderful New Year!