Mint Fairy Dreams

wpid-20150508_153357.jpg This outfit is being posted significantly later that I would have liked! I wore this on Friday, then life happened to me shortly after taking these shots, and continued happening without any break until approximately 2 hours ago when I sat down to work on my uni work (I'm currently taking a little break because having my own opinion after formal compulsory education (Which was the last time I had to write critically) is really really hard)


So yeah! I actually had a pretty sound reason for my outfit choice. My band played at the Newcastle University HSC Music day which was a pretty rad (and somewhat emotionally confusing) experience. All of the rad parts came from performing to a bunch of people who were there to get their music on in a serious way/ being able to talk to them about srs music business  stuff after the performance. We did two lots of performing: we were the "students filing into the hall" music, and then one of our pieces was an example of unusual contemporary music (I can't remember the exact description, but the word contemporary was definitely used). I also had a couple of friends attending. One was attending as a teacher, and the other was attending as a student.


I couldn't help but feel a little sad seeing all of these students tethered to their teachers, their school uniform, and the whole formal education system. My senior years of highschool weren't the greatest. Highschool destroyed my creativity. I had a crappy music teacher, which made the silly HSC terminology, and goofball music analysis process incredibly difficult, my English teacher killed any love I had for words, and critical writing (this is something which I'm only just starting to get over now), My design and tech teacher while lovely, was incredibly vague about what the subject actually required us to do, and the process of HSC art made me burn out (I only just started painting semi seriously again 6 months ago, and I've only just started sculpting on a semi regular basis again, not to mention actually experimenting with new techniques and character creation!)

Don't get me wrong, compulsory formal education can be great if you're brain is wired for that type of learning and you have great teachers. I just don't learn well that way, and the school I ended up at was kind of a cultural/educational black hole (that is to say, it was a bit of a crappy high school) I'm actually so lucky that I had (and still have) such a great group of friends. Without them, I don't think I would have survived.


Speaking of friends! One of the main reasons this post is late is because my friend Katherine turned 21! (well, is turning 21 in a few days... She had a party last night!) HAPPY BIRTHDAY PANTS :D


Freezing in a baroque dress

wpid-pict_20150428_165501.jpg We've entered that time of year when the mornings are freezing and the middle of the day is (usually) not. I remember this time in high school, and how irritating it was. I'd start off my day in a heavy coat and long pants, then change into my skirt later in the day. (I'm a complete wuss when it comes to temperature. If it's the teeniest bit hot I'm an overheated sweaty mess, and if it's the teeniest bit cold, I'm chilled to my bones complete with violent shivering and teeth chattering. )


The temperature today totally behaved the way it was meant to (ie, too cold morning, too hot day time) Unfortunately I freezed my arse off all day because of a little thing called wind chill.


I can remember the first time I heard the term wind chill. I was in year 8 and binge reading a series called Magic or Madness by Justine Larbalestier (TLDR follows some peeps born with magic. They have 3 choices, they 1) use their magic and die super young, 2) Steal other magic and effectively murder them or 3) go completely mad from not using their magic).

Anyway book 2 was partially set in New York, and the character that lived there was always talking/complaining about the wind chill (because the weather would be totally great without the silly wind getting all up in everyone's grill) Once I'd heard the term and wrapped my head around what it felt like, wind chill was just another dot point of my "thing I hate about the weather" list.


I didn't really notice wind chill up until I started uni (Newcastle CBD is significantly more windy than the high school I went to). Ever since then I have loathed the wind. Today was no exception to that loathing. When the wind wasn't blowing it was lovely and mild. Not too hot to wear layered clothing, but warm enough that my blouse kept me sufficiently warm. Alas the wind decided that it shouldn't let me be comfortable, and blew it's icy cold air on me whenever I had to venture outdoors (which was quite a bit)


In conclusion (I've been doing too many assignments) wind chill sucks, and I can't even deal.


Pastle Icecream

wpid-pict_20150413_164935.jpg Today has been a little bit bad (I did the 5 more minutes (which turned into 3 more hours)and then I'll wake up thing. Thank goodness I didn't have anywhere to be!)  and a little bit good (After hours of googling and email, I think I finally get how to do a case study analysis in reference to a creative subject)


Quite a few of my favourite bloggers have been wearing pastel clothing the last few days, and it put me in a pastel kind of mood. It's hard to tell in this photo, but I've got 4 different pastel hues going on (mint blue and purple in the shirt, waffle cone yellow and mint green in the skirt). I've basically been walking around campus feeling like an icecream/fairyfloss/piece of cake all day, which has been super fun.


As well as studying, I also had to get a new student card today. 2 weeks ago I somehow managed to loose my student card, and I finally had some spare time to replace it. No more paying full fare for me! (I had to do it for 2 weeks. It sucked big time.)


Small Grey Rabbits

wpid-pict_20150319_174630.jpg One of the best things about being part of my band Vanishing Shapes is that we get to play amazing gigs with other amazing bands.

We had a gig at the Lass O Gowrie this evening, and man, it was absolutely nuts. We played with two other bands Quantum Milkshake and Edema Ruh. 


Quantum Milkshake simply describe themselves as a Cinematic dance band. They are absolutely nuts in the best possible way. They've got influences from all over the place, and somehow they've meshed it all together to create a deliciously complex sound. (Unfortunately for me, they're Melbourne based, so I probably won't be able to catch many gigs, but I'll definitely try!)

Edema Ruh were also completely nuts in the best possible way. They're a 7 piece from Sydney, and they too draw influences from all over the place (although, they are significantly more folk based than Quantum Milkshake)

I think one of the things I liked best about both bands (apart from their fabulous music) is that they both have an interesting and varied lineup of instruments. As well as sporting keyboard, drums, bass and guitar both bands had a trombone and trumpet. Edema Ruh sported a violin and sax, while Quantum Milkshake sported a flute.

Maybe it's just who I'm hanging out with musically , but I'm seeing an increased use of acoustic instruments in independent bands, and I'm totally loving it!


If you love music/helping out your friendly neighbourhood independent band, I suggest you check both of these guys out. You will not regret it.

Miniature Marshmellows

wpid-20140912_120143.jpg These socks are actually the best thing ever.

I had to go to K-Mart this week to buy some practical things. While I was perusing the isles I stumbled upon these socks.  Not only are they deliciously mellow-y,  but they were super cheap and came in different prints (I also bought a cat pair and a pug pair :3)


There's only one downside to wearing delicious socks...


... They made me really hungry. :(