Flower Space Princess

shoes Man it feel good to be back on the sewing machine! I haven't sewn in so long because gigs/uni/work/life. I also made another flower crown because why not!


This fabric has been burning a hole in my sewing box since May (or was it April?). I bought it while I was on holidays in Kiama with my family from a teeny tiny quilting shop. The pattern reminds me of the glow in the dark stickers you stick on the roof to make glow in the dark galaxies. The material I used for the bow is this ridiculous shiny organza material which I've had forever. It's a bit of a pain to sew with, but it looks so pretty.

skirt details


As with most of my skirts, my pattern is self drafted. It's a 3/4 circle skirt with a gathered trim edge. This is becoming a fairly standard pattern in my self drafted arsenal. I love the way it moves, and I love how full the gathers make the skirt.

legs plus staring


I've got another skirt in the works. It's unlike the skirts I've sewn before, which is fun. I'll have to finish it this evening so I can wear it tomorrow :3 (This may or may not b the start of a sewing binge...)

standing head tilt

Purple Fairy

wpid-20150112_190127.jpg The weather has once again turned into a confusing mess of every season at once. Yesterday started out wet and cold, then when I got to Newcastle it was incredibly windy but really hot, then when I got back to the coast it was coldish and wetish.


I'm really sick of this dull grey weather. It's been dull and grey for the past few days, which makes me annoyed. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know just how much I hate grey weather!



I also broke this necklace out yesterday. I haven't worn it in a while (I don't know why) but I wore it yesterday!




Let's have a real talk about the weather...


I am so sick of the weather at the moment. Basically I had this awesome outfit planned out because the weather was yucky and cold the night before. When I woke up in was super hot, so I decided to wear something less warm. This was a bad choice.


Guess what temperature it was at uni.


It was a very cold temperature. Despite my smiling face, I was not a happy chappy.


The moral of this story is, don't change your mind about pre planned outfits, because you might end up cold and miserable.

One Eyed, One Horned, Flying Purple People Eater (AKA Lost on campus round 2)

wpid-20140807_145302.jpg (This post should have gone up thursday, but I got home really late, then Friday I had an internet fail at home )

Another Thursday another adventure on campus involving me being completely lost. I made it to class on time this week, it was getting back to the train station I had difficulty with.

After my Art class, I went for coffee with a couple of my friends on a part of the campus I wasn't familiar with. I had left plenty of time to walk back, but, I took the Road instead of the path. The path lead to the trainstation, but the road took me to the opposite side of campus.

I made it eventually (I barely made the next train :s) but, next time, They can have coffee near my building.


At least I was purple?


Practically Purple in every way !

wpid-20140627_142806.jpg For the first time since uni I have been able to take a day slowly. It was lovely.


Coat: Don't remember, Playsuit: Lady Petrova, Belt: Shop 55, Tights: Kmart, shoes: Kmart


I only had one reason to get dressed today, and that was to attend my voice lesson. I decided to go with something comfy so that breathing would be easier (and as far as comfy goes, you can't go past a playsuit.)


I'm actually really digging playsuits at the moment. I wasn't really a huge fan of them, mainly because the only ones I had come across were the loose fitting ones sewn out of super floaty fabric. My opinion changed once I stumbled across some more fitted playsuits. Because it's the holidays, I am going to do all the sewing! expect to see some more handsewn playsuits in the near future.