Red lattice shoes

shoes When I was quite young I never thought I would be into fashion. I especially thought I wouldn't be into shoes. I would watch the perfect women on TV squealing over shoes and wonder what they saw in the deadly stiletto stilts they would attach to their feet.


Even 6 years ago when I was developing my alternative fashion sense I didn't get shoes. I had a few pairs of comfortable plainish shoes that pretty much matched with everything. I'm not sure what changed between then and now, but somewhere along the way I realised that a good pair of shoes can make or break an outfit.

staring into space

I now own a lot of shoes. I'd estimate I'm getting pretty close to 30 pairs. Like I said before, shoes can make or break an outfit, and each pair of shoes I own serves a different purpose (mostly changing the shape or colouring of the outfit)

sittingby the fountain

The shoes I wore today are my latest finds. Every time I go thrifting I check out the shoe section, fall in love with a bunch of shoes, but leave them all behind as they are almost always several sizes too small. Not this time. These shoes were fabulous and they fit my size 9 feet (it's not that my feet are freakishly large. People who donate shoes just have freakishly small feet :P) Now, let me be clear, I have some very high standards when I thrift for shoes. They must pretty much be unworn, and they can't have a smell (lucky for me, all of the shoes that fit have beet both of these things!)

from the back


I was especially lucky with these shoes. I'm entirely sure these have never been worn. The soles have no wear, there are no scuff marks and no signs of fabric deterioration. The material they're made from is a sort of short velvet. They're also super comfy and easy to walk in (all of the height is in the platform, not in the heel. If you chopped off the platform, these shoes would be kitten heal hight)

to the side port

Most of the shoes I've been attracted to recently have been shoes with a platform. I like the extra high they give without sacrificing the comfort of my tootsies. I also love the sound they make. It's a loud confident clip clop sort of sound. I've always associated that sound with strong important women, and as silly as this sounds, when I wear shoes that make that noise, I feel like a strong important woman.

looking away land


Small Grey Rabbits

wpid-pict_20150319_174630.jpg One of the best things about being part of my band Vanishing Shapes is that we get to play amazing gigs with other amazing bands.

We had a gig at the Lass O Gowrie this evening, and man, it was absolutely nuts. We played with two other bands Quantum Milkshake and Edema Ruh. 


Quantum Milkshake simply describe themselves as a Cinematic dance band. They are absolutely nuts in the best possible way. They've got influences from all over the place, and somehow they've meshed it all together to create a deliciously complex sound. (Unfortunately for me, they're Melbourne based, so I probably won't be able to catch many gigs, but I'll definitely try!)

Edema Ruh were also completely nuts in the best possible way. They're a 7 piece from Sydney, and they too draw influences from all over the place (although, they are significantly more folk based than Quantum Milkshake)

I think one of the things I liked best about both bands (apart from their fabulous music) is that they both have an interesting and varied lineup of instruments. As well as sporting keyboard, drums, bass and guitar both bands had a trombone and trumpet. Edema Ruh sported a violin and sax, while Quantum Milkshake sported a flute.

Maybe it's just who I'm hanging out with musically , but I'm seeing an increased use of acoustic instruments in independent bands, and I'm totally loving it!


If you love music/helping out your friendly neighbourhood independent band, I suggest you check both of these guys out. You will not regret it.

Pastel bunny rabbits

rp_wpid-pixlr_20150212192242500.jpg I did a really gross thing today.


It may or may not have been staying in my pj's until 3:00.


The only reason I may have gotten dress is because I felt like photographing at outfit.


(and I may or may not have visited spotlight on my way home from taking these, and it may or may not have caused me to stay up way too late sewing.)


Let's hope today is more productive!


Saturated in Silver

wpid-c360_2015-01-28-18-01-59-622.jpg Today was another cold, wet, grey day. No one should be cold in summer in Australia. But alas, there's not much I could do except layer up.


I'm channeling my inner silver lining, because who doesn't love shiny things! I also got a hair cut today, which is super good. (I finally feel like myself again)


You know how I've had exciting legit blog things happening recently? Well, I had another one happen today. I had Christopher over at legstyle interview me about my love of tights and socks! click here for the interview

Bunnies, Bee's and Double Bows

wpid-c360_2015-01-21-18-35-04-006.jpg I think I finally lost it today. When I woke up and got dressed, the last thought I had about this outfit was "I need to pin another bow to the bow I have on the skirt because there's not enough bowage on this skirt"

I now present to you "Rabbit Skirt with Double Bow"


Apart from the double bow, I had an excellent day! I attended the first annual Flutation Summer School that Rosalie Bourne from Flute tutor Australia organised.


I've never seen so many flutes together in one place on the coast at any one time. (More amazing than that, they had to close registration early because they reached capacity super quickly!)


I'm super keen for day two. I've been floating between the various groups helping out on some of the weaker parts in the beginner and advanced groups, and having fun sight reading times with the advanced group. It's so nice being around so many like minded people!