Red lattice shoes

shoes When I was quite young I never thought I would be into fashion. I especially thought I wouldn't be into shoes. I would watch the perfect women on TV squealing over shoes and wonder what they saw in the deadly stiletto stilts they would attach to their feet.


Even 6 years ago when I was developing my alternative fashion sense I didn't get shoes. I had a few pairs of comfortable plainish shoes that pretty much matched with everything. I'm not sure what changed between then and now, but somewhere along the way I realised that a good pair of shoes can make or break an outfit.

staring into space

I now own a lot of shoes. I'd estimate I'm getting pretty close to 30 pairs. Like I said before, shoes can make or break an outfit, and each pair of shoes I own serves a different purpose (mostly changing the shape or colouring of the outfit)

sittingby the fountain

The shoes I wore today are my latest finds. Every time I go thrifting I check out the shoe section, fall in love with a bunch of shoes, but leave them all behind as they are almost always several sizes too small. Not this time. These shoes were fabulous and they fit my size 9 feet (it's not that my feet are freakishly large. People who donate shoes just have freakishly small feet :P) Now, let me be clear, I have some very high standards when I thrift for shoes. They must pretty much be unworn, and they can't have a smell (lucky for me, all of the shoes that fit have beet both of these things!)

from the back


I was especially lucky with these shoes. I'm entirely sure these have never been worn. The soles have no wear, there are no scuff marks and no signs of fabric deterioration. The material they're made from is a sort of short velvet. They're also super comfy and easy to walk in (all of the height is in the platform, not in the heel. If you chopped off the platform, these shoes would be kitten heal hight)

to the side port

Most of the shoes I've been attracted to recently have been shoes with a platform. I like the extra high they give without sacrificing the comfort of my tootsies. I also love the sound they make. It's a loud confident clip clop sort of sound. I've always associated that sound with strong important women, and as silly as this sounds, when I wear shoes that make that noise, I feel like a strong important woman.

looking away land


July Favourites!

feets I feel like all I'm doing at the moment is apologising for my absence. We still don't have internet at home (we were meant to get it today (The NBN peeps came to install the ugly boxes) but there's something wrong with our portion of the building, and because it was a friday afternoon when they did the thing, we'll have to wait until monday for them to fix it :/) Anyway, on a less ranty note, here are the things I've been particularly enjoying over the past month!

With Coat

Susy Blue : I'm pretty sure I've talked about Susy Blue on the blog before, but, she's super fab, so I'm going to do it again. She's a Melbourne based folk musician, and the music she writes is exquisite. There was this one song on her album Messy'n (which unfortunately I can't find a streaming link for) which had the most beautiful flute, clarinet and piccolo parts. I then did a little bit of internet stalking and found out that she originally trained as a classical flautist! I also checked out her older recordings, and have been enjoying all three releases immensely.


brushing hair

Scathingly Brilliant : I've talked about Scathingly Brilliant before: She's one of my favourite bloggers who stopped blogging her outfit, but has now started again! I'd describe her style as pastel vintage. (everytime she posts, she leaves me in a pastel mood) She is also an artist/jewellery maker under her real name Kate Gabrielle! Her unique fashion style carry's through in her art style, which again I would describe as pastel vintage-y.

hands on hips


Mount Royal Mint: Is an artist who handmakes tiny felt creatures and then photographs them it the most magistic way (sometimes even adding extra hand drawn details in post production) I love how whimsical  her work is! She also hand embroiders tiny details onto the animals to add texture and extra layers of whimsy.

portrait sans coat

So yeah, those are my favourite artsy things for last month! Assuming all goes to plan, I should be posting more regularly from monday on (because, you know, third times a charm?).

Navy Boats

June 2nd 2015 Shoes I have a problem. That problem is directly related to my current prescription and manual focus.



June 2nd 2015 Looking

If you didn't know already, I wear glasses as a necessity first, accessory later. Without glasses my vision is slightly blurry all round. Lately my vision has been slightly blurry with glasses as well. (I need a new prescription y'all).

Another thing to take note of is that Auto focus is kind of very annoying, so I've been attempting to focus using manual settings.

The TLDR of the situation is that I can't focus my camera properly/proficiently because my prescription is making everything blurry, which isn't much fun. I'm getting through it though using a technique called "focus is about here, so I'll take photo's in front of and behind this spot, and one of them is bound to be in focus." It seems to be working  pretty well so far, but it'd be much easier if I could see.

June 2nd 2015 leaning

Anyway, this is the outfit I wore yesterday. I've been opting for simpler outfits on a Tuesday lately because I'm gigging in Sydney on Monday evenings with Button Collective (Which makes the not so fun situation of "late night, early morning") I'm kind of enjoying it though. I'm kind of channeling The Clothes Horse (who is one of my favourite bloggers) when styling my "simpler Tuesday" outfits.

June 2nd 2015 Torso

Minnie Mouse

wpid-pict_20150325_182754.jpg This is the last of the skirts I sewed on the weekend.


I saw the fabric in spotlight, and I just couldn't resist. It was so cute, and I knew I had the spotted red tulle sitting in my fabric box (It had been in there forever!)


So, unless you've been living under a rock, Netflix Australia launched this week, which is the best worst thing to happen to me in a while. It's the best because I'm a content nut, and now I'll be able to easily stream all the content I could ever want, but it's the worst because a) most of the series I'm watching aren't on there, and b) now I have a super duper easy way to procrastinate.



The moral of this story is, don't let students on Netflix, because it will end in a multi series binge watching session...


Catching up in a Red Polkadot Dress

wpid-pict_20150305_170049.jpgwpid-pict_20150305_170301.jpg This outfit is being posted incredibly late D: I actually wore this on Thursday last week, but life happened, so it's being posted today instead. I'm going to keep this pretty short. I've not got much to say, and I'm pretty sleepy (also, lets be honest, most people come for the pretty dresses, not the sub par writing.)