I think I overdid the growth serum.

Shoes A few weeks ago I received an email from the people at Irresistible Me asking if I'd like to review a set of their human hair extensions. After checking that they're ethically sourced (they are! (I once saw a documentary about unethical hair harvesting... it's not great yo!)) I emailed back, and now I have a set of really cool looking hair extensions.

without crown

They sent me the silky touch in Medium Brown with a 24inch length and 200 grams of hair, which is a lot of hair. 24 inches is the maximum length (they have sizes between 14 and 24 inch) They also have 3 weights: 100, 150 and 200 grams. For shorter extensions they recommend going with a lighter weight, and for longer extensions they recommend going with a heavier weight.

Me being me, I decided to go with the most dramatic hair length change available, because if I'm going to stick something in my hair, it may as well bee as dramatic as possible.

eyes closed

If you've followed my blog for a while, you'll know that I like to wear a wig from time to time. I tend not to wear them as often as I'd like because my wigs are heavy, hot, slightly itchy and leave my scalp sore after wearing them all day. I had none of these problems with the Irresistible Me hair extensions. They were super comfy.

They were also really easy to put in (It took me about 10 mins, which is how long it takes me to do my hair normally in the morning).



I have a couple of things I wish I did differently before putting the extensions in (Which I'll do next time I wear them) I should have straightened my hair so that my hair blended better texturally with the extensions. I also should have put them in after putting my clothes on instead of before (trying to get long hair through a head hole is not much fun) Apart from that everything was smooth sailing!

belt details

As brilliant as they are, I did have a couple of teeny weeny gripes about the extensions. The first is that there were a few grey hairs in the extensions, which due to the colour stood out a bit (although, considering they're real hair, it doesn't surprise me). There were only like 3 or 4 spread throughout the wefts, so it's only a teeny tiny gripe.

The second has more to do with my current hair (and should be taken as a PSA if you ever happen to be in possession of these extensions). You need a lot of hair to be able to fully hide the seams of the weft. When I get round to  having my hair cut short, I won't be able to wear them until it grows again. ( I knew that I'd need hair to be able to put them in/hide the seams, but I wouldn't want my hair much shorter than it is.)

(Just for reference, here's my current hair:)


spreadng the skirt

The construction of the extensions is really solid, and the extension clips gripped my natural hair really well without pulling or hurting. The hair is also silky and smooth. It feels really healthy (and also very different to my synthetic hair pieces.) All in all, I really like the extensions, and will probably wear them pretty often (although, it's still weird to think I was wearing someone elses hair all day).

neck details

Feeling fabulous was by far the best thing about today. Usually we have a band rehearsal, but I was very late because of the trackwork/rail bus combination, and one of us couldn't make it. We thought if we couldn't practice we may as well go busking, so we loaded the gear in the car and drove to our usual spot only to have it rain. We ended up hanging posters, and then I went home, back on the rail bus.

My journey was also wasted as I get motion sick (especially on buses). So I spent a good few hours of my day curled up feeling sick not  getting any work done.

twirling hair

On an unrelated note, I'm so glad I finally got good photos of this outfit. I wore it a few weeks ago when V shapes had some sydney gigs, but didn't get great photo's of it. I feel like it's got a sort of modern space fairy vibe going on. I overheard a man on the street exclaim "holy shit, is that Alice in wonderland" as well (How he got Alice out of this, I'll never  know)


*Disclosure: I was kindly sent this product free of charge by Irrestible Me.I have reviewed this product as truthful as possible.  All opinions are my own.

So I Moved...

shoes I moved out last week! (which is why I haven't posted.) I'm still without internet at home, hence why I haven't posted in a week and a half (I'm currently at Rohan's Noni's place) I've also not been taking photos because I've been too busy/exhausted. As much as I've hated my lack of internet connection, the break has been kind of nice (If only to allow me to stay focused on my cleaning!)


Amongst all the craziness I turned 22, which is weird (in a good way). Adult birthdays are weird. There's not the same build up or excitement surrounding them as a child. I spent the evening before with a group of my close friends (One of which is visiting from her home in England), then the actual day was spent rehearsing with my band! I had dinner with my parents in the evening at my favourite restaurant as well.


I'm still not fully settled into the new place, but once I am I'll do the house tour photograph thing!


Green Machine

shoes There comes a point in every young adults life where they look into moving out of their parents home because living there doesn't make sense anymore. I've reached that point, and as well as being a little scary, It's a big fat reminder that yes, despite my appearance and lifestyle, I am in fact an adult.

Crossed legs look sideways

Rohan and I have started viewing and applying for houses. I may be a little bit excited.  The area we're looking at is pretty close to home, it's just significantly closer to public transport, making my life a whole lot easier (and my transport costs wayyy cheaper)

without jacket

I've been living in the same house for 20 years, so this whole packing up your life and moving thing is a foreign concept for me. It'll be fun though. I'm currently living on an opposite sleep schedule to my parents (They wake up in the wee hours of the morning to go to work, and I come back in the wee hours of the morning returning home from work), so this move will make life easier for everyone.



lens flare w jacket

This is what I wore on Monday. I don't tend to wear this skirt often. I'm not sure why, but it's super comfy, and I'll definitely be wearing it more often.  It's made from a chiffon type fabric with really tight single pleats. You can't see it super well from the photos (I did take detail shots, but I failed at focusing the camera :s) but this skirt is covered in tiny white apples with purple leaves.



patting noodle w lens flare

One thing I'm really not looking forward to about moving out is I won't be able to take my dogs with me. Out of all of the houses we're looking at viewing (I think there were about 10 or 15 in our price range) there was one that might consider pets, and even if the others allowed pets, they were mostly flats. It wouldn't be fair to move my doggies from having a big backyard to maybe a tiny balcony. I'll still be able to visit them, but it won't be the same.


Green Hair, Don't Care

wpid-c360_2014-12-23-15-42-59-037_20141223220659905.jpg You know those days where you hardly leave the house? I had one of those today (I only left the house to pick up a few things from Coles)

I decided that I may as well dress up and take some outfit photos while I was at it, hence why I'm wearing a pretty dress.


I also broke out my green wig. As well as having no need to leave the house, I was having a bad hair day, and I could not be bothered trying to wrangle my hair into an acceptable state, so I just shoved some fake hair on top.




If I didn't have to be conservative at my job (and if I didn't have to wash my hair so often) I would totally dye my hair this colour (in fact, I had parts of it dyed this colour for a little while. The upkeep was wayyy to much trouble)




I've also been experiencing what I like to call "Wardrobe Meh". I get like this when I haven't been sewing for a while. The symptoms include: Feeling bored with my wardrobe, Only wanting to wear pieces I've sewn then deciding that everything I've made is crap (except that one skirt that's in my wash basket), changing my outfit 3 or 4 times before I leave the house because it makes me feel; fat, frumpy, bleh, colour blind. I hate feeling like this (which Is why I'm currently with my sewing machine, gearing up for a late night of sewing madness.)