Fine China

wpid-20140722_124254.jpg Man, this weekend has been hectically fun! Rohan and I traveled down to Adelaide on Saturday morning for Avcon (which is the Adelaide version of supernova) He was on a panel about Chip Music, and Played at Avcon after Dark as a part of the Sound Bytes performance. When Rohan wasn't doing things with bleepy bloops, we were hanging with the rest of the musicians. Not only are they pretty cool dudes, but their music is pretty darn amazing.

Here's the list of artists for the evening (I highly recommend you check them all out because they're all a bit brilliant) Xanadox, Victory Road, Dot.AY, Derris-Kharlan (Featuring Tiasu), Little-scale, Ctrix

As for what I wore, I wore my icecream skirt. (I've posted it twice in the last 2 weeks, so I doubt any more pictures of it need to be posted for the time being :P)

Now onto what I wore today:



This is yet another skirt I made during my summer break. I haven't worn it in forever though probably because I wore it once a week for 6 weeks after I made it at work, so I got a bit sick of it :s. You can't see very well in these pictures, but the waist band is scalloped around the lower edge.


Also, can I just rave for a minute about how cute my dogs are? These photo's were taken in my back yard, which is where my dogs chill, so of course they had to be included in the photo fun times!

wpid-20140722_1244230.jpg wpid-20140722_124606.jpg wpid-20140722_124554.jpg

They have such pretty faces! :3

There's no place like Home (Aka, the first post)


Ah, the first post. What a bitter sweet moment. Sweet because "woo, a place that I can put my fashion adventures" but bitter because "Oh no, it's awkward first post time." And what better way to celebrate the awkward first post than with an awkward first post pose.


Cardigan: Hell bunny, Shirt: Home made, Shorts: Home made, Tights: Ebay, Socks: Topshop, Shoes: I <3 Billy

This is what I wore today. When getting dressed in the morning I tend to choose a colour scheme. As you can see, the colour I choose today was red. I have sort of a love hate relationship with red, as red is to my wardrobe as black is to most people's wardrobe. This means I tend to get bored of red quite easily, which is never fun. At the moment, I am quite enjoying red, so expect to see it quite often!


The shorts I am wearing are my "strawberry and cream shorts", named because I've used strawberry patterned fabric, and the trim around the legs is a creamy beige colour.  I made these shorts about 4 months ago when I still had free time.


The shirt is just a plain white singlet with lace sewn around the edges. The bow on the shirt is a detachable broach which I attached this morning.  The belt I wore is definitely my favourite belt. I bought it about 6 year ago on a trip to Adelaide, and I wear it pretty much whenever my pants have belt loops.