Cat and Mouse.


I have some exciting music related news! I bought a bass flute :D


"What is a Bass Flute?" I hear you ask. To begin with, it looks like this:  12341410_10154389455134606_5918383108227072722_n

It plays a 3 octave range from the C below middle C, to the C two ledger lines above the treble stave (making it sit exactly an octave below the regular C flute we all know and love) The Bass flute I purchased is made by Trevor James, and it's so freaking  pretty.

Hands in front

I just wish I could play it properly. It's flute shaped, and the embouchure looks similar, and your fingering remains the same, but it's a whole new kettle of fish. I've only just worked out how to hold it properly :s

More details


Air support is very different as well, as it the use of the embouchure. It's really odd being terrible at playing a flute. But it's really fun learning a related instrument.

to the side


This is what I wore yesterday when I had some jammy fun times with a friend of mine. It was really hot, so I opted for airy, light clothes which helped to keep me relatively cool.

Hand on hip


I made these skorts over a year ago, and I've not worn them at all this year. I actually forgot how awesome they are to wear. I've got to make some changes to the pattern before I can sew a new set (Totally going to make them in full leg length as well!).


They're basically two half circles with extra bits... Gah, I'll just have to stop being lazy and make a tutorial...


Orange Bush Painting

Shoes My Dad and I had a landscape painting sesh on Sunday. We painted what we could see of maitland band from the natural lookout at the top of the path. Unfortunately we weren't able to finish our works as the cold got the better of us, but we've got tentative plans to finish the works at a later date within the next few weeks.


This is what I wore. Basically my prerogative with the outfit was "warm and comfy as possible" which I definitely achieved. Only thing I was missing was fingerless gloves (which is why the cold won out. My phalanges couldn't hold the brush without cold pain) I've really been digging watercolour as a medium as of late, which is what I ended up using. My dad is using acrylics for his painting.

painting with Dad

Speaking of art, I've been posting a lot of my stuff to instagram at the moment (which you should totally check out. There's a link in my sidebar.) I'll probably post a photo of my painting and my Dad's once they're done.

Hand throught hair

Eiffel Tower Skate Boards

shoes There's a reason for all of the super comfy casual clothes I've been posting this weekend. I'm currently writing a mini version of my thesis for this year, which means I'm spending all day cooped up on the lounge with my laptop drowning in orchestral scores, piccolo music, orchestration books, piccolo research and my own personal notes. When I'm doing this sort of stuff I want to be super comfy. Looking cute is just a bonus.

On the Board

There's only one reason I got dressed today. I decided to take my skate board out for a ride (if I hadn't done this, I probably would have stayed in my pyjamas all day) It's amazing how being on my board for an hour cleared my head.

Standing with Board

This is what I wore for skating. I picked up this jumper from the op shop last week. The shorts I have on underneath (believe it or not) are actually high waisted, although you can't tell cause my jumper is super long.


Moral of the story: If you've got the study blues, go for a walk. Makes everything better.

Straight on Head Shot

I also decided to photograph my "handbag essentials". I'm going to be honest, I'm a bit of a snoop. I can remember being 13 on the internet and finding the "post what's in your bag" phenomenon. I was endlessly fascinated. It wasn't a common thing for people to do back then either.

Beauty and fashion bloggers/vloggers do these types of posts/videos all the time now, and I figure I may as well satisfy a curiosity (Not that any of you will necessarily be curious about what's in my bag)

I'm going to be honest, this isn't so much a what's in my bag. It's more of an essential things that are always with me. I'm constantly switching bags throughout the week (when I have a long journey I tend to take a backpack which carries a lot more stuff so that I can be entertained/do work)

What's in my bag

This is the small bag I use most often. It was given to me by a close friend, and is the perfect size for my "bare essentials" handbag :)


If you found this interesting, let me know and I'll do a post on what I bring when I commute.

Grumpy Cats and Orange Rainbows

wpid-pict_20150415_165759.jpg So, you know how I took that trip to Kiama down on the south coast? Well, near Kiama, there's a place called Berry, which is a little tourist town with some fabulous shops along the main street. Now, there are two shops in particular which are completely awesome. Those are the fabric stores. I may have hit up both of them, and I may have purchased too much fabric (so much for using up the fabric I already had!)



I bough the fabric for these shorts at a quilting specialty shop which was off the main road (I bought some other fabric there too, but i haven't used that yet). This fabric is covered with angry stylized watercolour cats. It was just too fabulous not to make into shorts with heart pockets.

This is the outfit that I wore during the day yesterday for my super cute busking sesh with my band Vanishing Shapes. (We filmed the first few songs of our session, which I'll be uploading to our youtube channel later this evening.(We're also going to upload more frequently, so if you love our kooky folk sound, you should totes subscribe))


Now, the main reason we busked yesterday was as a warmup for our gig in the evening with Spencer Scott, Thrasher Polka and The Dead Maggies, which is also the reason you're getting 2 outfit photos today!


We had such a blast playing with all of these fab musicians and I suggest you check them all out!

Spencer Scott is simply a boy with a guitar, singing about life, and what wonderful song they are. His performances are always super fun, super energetic, and the two times I've seen him, he's left myself (and the rest of the audience) full of the feels.

Thrasher Polka make music that sounds like their band name. They are a folk punk band, and although their music isn't compositionally the most brilliant, their performance more than makes up for it.

Finally the Dead Maggies (who's tour we were all supporting that evening) entertained us greatly with their brilliant Tasmanian Folk Punk.  Basically, they sing about real life dead people from the convict era of Tasmanian History. Their performance was full of energy, and I look forward to playing with them in the future. (their lead singer also plays a metal clarinet, which is weird to listen to and extraordinarily weird to look at.)



Lotsa lace

wpid-pict_20150408_171930_20150408214037288.jpg Today was my last full day in beautiful Kiama. Rohan (the boyfe) Katherine (the smexy beast who's been in some of my posts this week) and I are heading back to the Central Coast tomorrow (unfortunately not via my bands gig at Symposium Bar, which was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. Hopefully we'll be able to play there in the near future! ) We've had a fabulous week full of relaxing, catching up with friends, painting, indulging in way to much netflix, finding awesome new musicians , and discovering fun new toys like Rory's Story Cubes and Kinetic Sand.


Let me tell you about the wonder which is Kinetic Sand. It's this odd sand which is a 2% polymer mix which gives it these odd non Newtonian fluid like properties, but it's not wet or sticky. I found it in a small toy shop on our first day, and was thinking about the purchase all week. (I caved today, and I'm glad I did. This stuff is the greatest). I have a lot of trouble keeping my hands still, so this will be great for me.



Goodbye Kiama, and thanks for the awesome week! <3