Fairy Skort

Shoes I ended up sewing again last night. I made another pair of circle skorts!

Looking to the side

I used this oily rainbow fabric I got from hobby sew (which is a quilting specialty store)

Fabric Details

I really wanted it to have pockets (but I'm pretty lazy about making "proper pockets" so I made these heart pockets.

Heart Pocket


Skirt Details

This shirt I paired it with was the other op shop find from my trip to Newtown. It's such a soft comfy shirt.


Posts will be a bit light from now on. I'm going on tour with the Button Collective, which means I'll have limited access to my wardrobe and the internet. I'll be sure to post outfits when I can :D!

Head ShotI hope you all have a merry christmas :D

Cat and Mouse.


I have some exciting music related news! I bought a bass flute :D


"What is a Bass Flute?" I hear you ask. To begin with, it looks like this:  12341410_10154389455134606_5918383108227072722_n

It plays a 3 octave range from the C below middle C, to the C two ledger lines above the treble stave (making it sit exactly an octave below the regular C flute we all know and love) The Bass flute I purchased is made by Trevor James, and it's so freaking  pretty.

Hands in front

I just wish I could play it properly. It's flute shaped, and the embouchure looks similar, and your fingering remains the same, but it's a whole new kettle of fish. I've only just worked out how to hold it properly :s

More details


Air support is very different as well, as it the use of the embouchure. It's really odd being terrible at playing a flute. But it's really fun learning a related instrument.

to the side


This is what I wore yesterday when I had some jammy fun times with a friend of mine. It was really hot, so I opted for airy, light clothes which helped to keep me relatively cool.

Hand on hip


I made these skorts over a year ago, and I've not worn them at all this year. I actually forgot how awesome they are to wear. I've got to make some changes to the pattern before I can sew a new set (Totally going to make them in full leg length as well!).


They're basically two half circles with extra bits... Gah, I'll just have to stop being lazy and make a tutorial...


What even is talent anyway

shoes Something I've been thinking about quite a bit lately is the idea of talent. To be talented is to have a natural aptitude or skill. This word is often used to describe creatives, especially successful creatives, and in some ways implies an entitlement to that creative success.

front away

As someone who creates a lot of different things, I have been described as "talented"(side note, this is not a descriptor which comes to mind when I think about how I describe myself), but really, looking back on my artistic journey, and the artistic journey of my peers, talent has played a very minimal part in any success we may have had.


Personally, I grew up in a middle class house hold with no siblings, and two parents who are creative, and encouraged my creativity, and funded a well rounded musical education. They provided (and still provide) unending encouragement and  support. Without their passion for the arts, and their encouragement there is no way I would have ended up as a professional musician. I personally have also put in countless hours of work to develop my skills. Basically without the resources and drive, this "natural aptitude" I have for the arts wouldn't nearly be as refined.


I suppose it's why I always feel super uncomfortable whenever someone goes on about my "talent" (as I said before, it implies I am entitled to any creative success I've had). I don't deserve any creative success I've had, I've just been lucky to stumble upon a set of fortunate circumstances.

eyes closed

Taking the focus off my personal experiences, I've observed a few peers reach creative success, who were not described as talented through much of my compulsory education. These people are exceptional at their craft, and have worked very hard to get where they were, despite lacking that early "talent" descriptor.


I feel like the idea of talent, especially when describing small children, is one that places limitations on some, whilst removing those same limitations for others. It's for this reason I do not use the talented descriptor when talking to/about my students. Instead I prefer to describe them as displaying potential. When my students do well, instead of telling them how great they are, I commend their hard work, because, at the end of the day, having raw talent without hard work and a bit of luck rarely reaps creative rewards.


Let's take the focus away from teaching for a bit and talk about this idea of talent when it comes to making clothes. I can't tell you the amount of times I've had a conversation about the construction of a skirt I've made which ends with the other party lamenting their lack of talent, implying that sewing is either a skill you have, or don't have, rather than a skill that can be learned by anyone.

shoe details

I suppose what I'm trying to say is that talent isn't a prerequisite for being creative, nor does the possession of talent make anyone entitled to creative success.

22 Things I Have Learnt Since Turning 22 - Guest Post Coliston

Shoes BR  

Huzzah! It's time for guest post number 2! This time it's Courtney Loxton, who is a singer, songwriter and all around cool human (Who I'm lucky enough to call a friend). She also has a blog -  Coliston. You can get her words of wisdom regularly from there! :)  

Courtney 1 BR

1. Balance is the key to most things. Eat kale and chocolate. Exercise and lounge around on the couch. Drink water and wine. Laugh and cry. Life is about balance.
2. Your freckles will always be there. Please stop disliking them. The sun loves you so much, it has kissed your skin forevermore. What a privilege.
3. At the end of the day, you have to look after you. No matter what shit people throw at you, yell at you, put you through, that's THEIR life. Not yours. THEIR words, THEIR opinions. When you go to bed at night, think nothing else of what they say.
4.Tea fixes everything. Even just for 5 minutes.

Closeup 1 BR

5. You'll find someone who changes your life forever. You'll know who it is and you'll know when it happens. Because everything about them will be so familiar, your whole world will change in an instant and you will think "Oh there you are. Where have you been? I've been waiting for you."

6. Books have more information, more magic and more truth in them then TV or the Internet ever will.

7. Nothing beats pen to paper. Write write write!

8.Comparing yourself to others is toxic, useless and will only make you upset. There is no one in the universe like you. Embrace who you are!

Back Details 2

9. Anxiety will not rule your life.

10. You are 22 years old but your soul is much older.

11. There's always room for dessert. 12. Don't ever judge someone until you get to know them. You might not like the way they dress, but you might love the way they think.

Courtney 4 BR

13. There's absolutely nothing wrong with choosing to stay in for the night instead of going out.

14. Having said that, make sure you push yourself every now and then to venture into the world and meet new people. You never know who might meet... 15. Never underestimate the power of doing something nice for yourself.

16. If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough.


Courtney 3 BR

17. You are allowed to be selfish every now and then. 18. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. It shows true strength and courage to seek assistance and support at some point in our lives. We don't have to do anything alone, there will always be someone there to help.

Courtney 2 BR

19. Be an individual. Don't follow the crowd. You are different for a reason, find that reason and embrace it whole heartedly. You are here for a purpose and you'll never it if you're following someone else's purpose.

20. Eating ice cream out of the tub is totally acceptable.

Closeup 2 BR

21. Worrying is like praying for what you don't want. 22. It costs $0.00 to be a good and decent human being. So be kind to people, smile at others, don't spread hate (in the real world or online) and just remember that at the end of the day, we are all equals. We are all human. We all deserve the best.

Court xxx