Tartan and Trim

I made a thing! And it helped to disperse some of the negative feelings I've been having lately. 

I've been working on using up the fabric in my fabric box and trim in my trim box. Both bits of clothing related stuff had been sitting in my sewing box for like 3 or 4 years, and now will get to see the light of day (semi) regularly as this super cute tartan and trim pleated skirt. 

The construction process of the garment was actually pretty tough. First off, it took me ages to decide where to place the trim. I too-ed and fro-ed over placing it near the waist, near the hem, or below the hem for a good 15 mins, then I had 5 attempts at pleating (and re-pleating) the skirt, which took a good hour.  

I've made a lot of pleated skirts in my time, so the time it took me to construct was quite a surprise. I'm really happy with how it turned out though. The waist fringe is a super cute detail, and the actual construction is some of my neatest work! 

I paired it with this feather collared jumper I picked up op-shopping because the movement in the feathers 1) balances out the movement of the trim and 2) brings out the red in the tartan. The Converse were quite an unconventional choice of footware, but add an interesting twist to the "classic" feeling of the rest of the outfit. 

Maybe I'll run off and join the circus...

I'm going to keep my words short this evening, because writing words is hard for me at the moment (There's so much stuff floating in my head, and writing isn't my choice way of clearing the noise.) I made these pants last week, and styled them like this. They're made from the same pattern as my pinecone pants and my daisy jeans. Enjoy the pretty pictures! 

Diagonal Fan Skirt

I feel like I open pretty much every blog post like this, but whatever. So sorry I've been gone! I've had so many gigs recently, which means I haven't had time to shoot much, or post much (because my gigs are at night after work, which is when I take my photos and do my blog posts) 

I've had these images since the 10th of March (which was 11 days ago D:) It legitimately feels as though I shot these photos like 2 days ago. Whoops. 

I made this skirt two weeks ago in a fit of "I have too much fabric and nothing to wear tomorrow" (both of which is untrue. There is no such thing as "too much fabric" and I definitely have lots of stuff to wear!!) I originally wanted the top fabric to scallop down the length of the pleats, but I didn't have the patience to figure out how to do it. I also think it wouldn't have looked as good (The lace definately finishes it off nicely. If I'd scalloped the diagonal part, I would have finished the skirt hem with scallops, making it infinately harder to style.) 

I used two different cottons. The patterned multi coloured cotton was a gift from my parents 3 years ago. They bought it for me right after I started sewing regularly. I don't remember when I bought the bottom cotton, but it was also several years ago. It doesn't come through in the photos, but it's actually a matte dual tone (it's a brown and greeny blue colour in real life) Because of the fabric type, it's a very subtle dual tone, but very very pretty.

Something exciting happened to me last week as well! One of my favourite bloggers Anna (From Melodic, Thrifty and Chic) did a blog feature on me :D You can read it here

Till next time (xoxo, Gossip Girl) 

Vintage Laura Ashley.

shoes Have I ever talked about how much I love thrift shops? Welp, I really really really love thrift shops. They're great for the environment, they're great for your wallet, and they're great for finding treasures of all sorts.


About a month ago I travelled to Sydney with Rohan to hang some V'Shapes posters around near the venue we were going to play at. We also stopped in at a couple of thrift shops. One of my finds for that day was this lovely vintage Laura Ashley dress (dresses from this era (late 70's early 80's) for $100 of dollars on etsy). Now, as beautiful as the dress was, it wasn't perfect. It was slightly too big, slightly too long, and didn't have enough lace on it.

looking away

It's been staring at me from my "to alter" pile ever since I brought it home.

I finally had time to make the alterations to the dress, and this is how it turned out! I ended up cutting 25cm of fabric off the bottom, and taking the bodice in about 6 cm (which doesn't sound like a lot, but trust me, every cm counts when it comes to fit) The collar was already lacy, so I added lace on the sleeves and the bottom hem.

I did feel a little guilty altering such a beautiful vintage piece, but the dress is much more "me" now, and I can see myself wearing it heaps in the future (especially on lazy days. This dress is so comfy!)


I actually wore this outfit for a short period last night for a gig I played at The Rhythm Hut. The Rhythm Hut runs this monthly jam band called 5 lands (basically, you don't know what your instrumentation is going to be till you show up). The jam band plays a set, and then they have a special guest artist.

As always, 5 lands was so much fun to play! (it was a bit different this month though. There weren't many of us on stage, so the sound changed dramatically. It went in some really unusual directions, which was rad)


Last night the guest artist was a guy called Nick Saxon. He's one guy on an acoustic guitar and a loop pedal (with various percussion instruments) but his sounds is very very different to all the other guys on an acoustic guitar with a loop pedal a miscellaneous percussion instruments. His sounds is very folk, and very beautiful (almost haunting in a way, but describing it as haunting does not do it justice)

I also really loved his use of the loop pedal. It was very subtle. He also used a reverb pedal on his vocals, which I really loved as well. His live production is on point!

full body portrait

After doing some internet stalking, it turns out my band will be sharing a stage with him at Wollombi music festival. I'm really looking forward to seeing him play again. (hopefully we'll get to have a jam this time!)

necklace, lace and pattern

Yellow Turtle Necks, Tea Cup Skirts and Stripey Socks

shoes Today was a good day. It was spent at Tim's place with Vanishing Shapes, rehearsing and recording with a friend of mine and her music production group. We spent a good portion of the day recording 4 tracks for their assignment (which will be doubling as the demo recording for the EP we're recording in September)

holding skirt ouidt

The group were fabulous to work with. They were super prepared, quick to set up and pack up, and really cool peeps to hang with. We did a stereo acoustic recording, which was a different experience for us. The last time we recorded we each had individual mics, which meant individual mistakes/balance errors could be fixed in post. With the type of recording did today, it was important for the performance to be near perfect, as the microphones were capturing the ensemble as a whole.  I'm really looking forward to hearing the finished recordings.

full body

This is what I wore today. I'd thrifted this turtleneck a while ago, but wasn't sure how to style it. I rediscovered it in the move, and now I know exactly how to wear it! :D I'm pretty tired, so I'll leave you all with the rest of the images from my shoot today :).

IMG_5209 headshot hands on hip full body w coat