Fairy Dress

Red Dr Martens I sewed a dress yesterday. Today I wore the dress that I sewed.

Home made fairy dress Dr Martens

This is the first dress I've made out of a non stretch fabric. I also drafted the pattern myself. I'm quite surprised it turned out this well. The last time I attempted to sew a dress from cotton, it didn't end to well (which is part of the reason I hardly sew dresses)

Velvet blazer forest little red riding hood

I suppose you'd call this type of dress a 'skater dress'. It has a fitted top, and the skirt is a 3/4 circle skirt. I've made the dress out of two layers of material. The inner layer is a floral printed cotton, and the outer layer is a sort of netting.


The frilly bits around the base of the dress were hand gathered, and then hand stitched around the base of the outer net layer of the dress. (never. again.(Although, in saying that, the gathered net frill is what turned this dress from an nice dress into a really nice dress))


If I had the choice, I would have used the machine to stitch the frill onto the bottom of the skirt, but unfortunately the net was super fragile, super stretchy and super uncooperative.



Roses are wet, violets are wet. I am wet, everything is wet.


The title of this post perfectly describes my Thursday.

When I left my house Thursday morning it was raining a little bit, so I decided to bring my umbrella. I go to class, and by the time class had finished, the weather had improved dramatically. On my way back to uni it started to sprinkle a little. Then I open up my umbrella, thinking it will keep me dry. The umbrella did not keep me dry. The 'little'  shower turned into a torrential downpour. Consequently, I was soaked in the process. My poor little umbrella did not stand a chance.


These pictures were taken after I had dried off ( and after the rain had stopped.) before the downpour I was having a brilliant hair day, but, as you can see here, my good hair day was not went to be :(


Anyway, enough about the weather. Let's talk about my pants. These pants are Literally the most comfortable pants I have ever owned. I bought them from shop 55 in woy woy https://shop55.com.au/ (I know I keep saying this, but this shop is my most favourite clothing store ever) I can't remember exactly what era they're from, but I think Wendy (who owns the place) said they were either 70's or 80's. Fun pants are fun Yo

Flower Power (Aka that time I stayed up way too late sewing)

wpid-20140820_133403.jpg I really need to stop watching project runway. It not only makes me want to sew all day, but it makes me want to leave my uni course and become a designer (which is one of the few jobs which is less financially secure than music. Side note: Why can't I be good at stuff which won't make me poor?)

Anyway, I stayed up obnoxiously late hand sewing these details...


...onto this skirt.


Unfortunately due to poor overcast lighting conditions on campus, the picture doesn't do the skirt justice. Basically it's the perfect fairy skirt. It's a triple layer circle skirt with linen as the bottom layer, and polka dot tulle making up the top two layers. As i mention before I hand sewed rose and leaf detail around the edge of the skirt to add to the whimsy. Each rose was lovingly crafted by my hands, and sworn at multiple times by my brain (Because making lots of tiny roses sucks!)


I matched the skirt with my green cape, and green Lady Petrova blouse, then tied in the red in the skirt with my shiny red shoes.


The gig was pretty fun to play, although, it was wayyyy too cold for an outdoor gig. Next time I think I'll bring a warmer jacket.

Velvet Apples


I stayed in Newcastle last night with the bassist from my band. We had a gig in the evening, and Trains are kind of scary after dark. Anyway, my overnight bag was really heavy (Because I had to take my laptop and music stand up), so my back is kind of sore. But at least I look cute? :)




I'm starting to get back into the swing of things are far as uni life goes. I had my first flute lesson of the new Semester with my wonderful teacher Sally Walker. We played through my concerto together, which was really funny, but really helpful.


So yeah. Life Man.

Check Mate.

wpid-camera_20140714152901826.jpg My Boyfriend and I went shopping today, and this is what I wore.



Cape: Handmade, Vest: Bodyline, Skirt: Handmade, Tights: Myer, Socks: Ebay, Shoes: Converse.






Basically he needed some new clothes because some of his died recently, so we replaced the dead items in his wardrobe.


He doesn't have any dead clothes now, which is nice :3

I also got new glasses today, which is nice because I can actually see :D


Also, sorry for the lack of words. Uni is still on holiday, and I'm not doing many exciting things.