August Favourites

shoes It's that time of the month again! (the time when I share all of the cool art/music stuff I've been enjoying over the month)

looking away

We'll start with an oldie but a goodie: Absolutely Fabulous. When I sew I like to watch either Youtube, Ted Talks or a TV show (in that order). After I'd finished watching my subscriptions, and caught up on TED I turned to netflix and saw that it's available to watch.

This show is hilarious. I love the writing and the acting. I love that the technology really dates it as a late 90's show. It's silly, frivolous, but most importantly, absolutely fabulous.

to the side

I mentioned this artist earlier in the month after my band had a fabulous gig with them! Ungus Ungus Ungus sit somewhere between gypsy folk and progressive rock, and are simultaneously very serious but completely silly. I've really been digging their recordings. They make a great companion to a wonderful live concert experience!

Straight on.

Miss hero holliday is a modern day pinup who posts her outfits to Instagram daily. (she also has a blog, which is linked on her instagram profile!) I love the vintage with a modern twist that her daily outfits achieve. Her ensembles are so playful and stylish!



Finally, my last favourite for this month is Anna Svensdotter, who is a Swedish Flaustist that specialists in the 4 main flutes (Flute, Piccolo,  Alto Flute, Bass Flute) and electronics. I was lucky enough to have a lesson with her whilst she was in Newcastle. I showed her a couple of my compositions, and had a great discussion about difference tones . She also gave a lecture for my honors class.

Probably the best thing about her Newcastle Uni adventure for me was her recital. She presented a program full of modern which encompassed all 4 main flutes, electronics and various extended techniques. The way she played was inspiring. The connections she had with not only the music, but her instruments was amazing. (I feel like I'm rambling now. TLDR: If you like the flute, and want to see really out there stuff done with it, Anna Svensdotter is your flautist)

This is totally late notice, but, if you're interested in seeing her play before she returns to Europe, these are the rest of her Australian Tour dates/venues. Sept 6 Flute Tree, Sydney, solo concert Sept 8-9 Sydney Conservatory, workshop and presentation Sept 11 Conduit Arts Initiative, Melbourne, concert shared with Lina Andonovska Sept 16 Melbourne University, workshop Sept 17 Monash university, recital, workshop, classes


Finally, I must apologise for the exposure of my outfit photo's from Thursday. I failed at Iso, so now my skin (and shirt, and dress) is a glowing beacon of light! I'll just call it artist license and leave it at that! :P