Floral Cats

shoes My goodness have I been busy the past few days! As per usual my business has been caused by music related things (specifically performing with Vanishing Shapes)

looking away

We played two gigs this weekend. The first was on Friday night at Mr Falcons with another Newcastle based folk band Baltic Bar Mitzvah. It was a lovely intimate gig (and when I say intimate, each band took up about a third of the floor space). V shapes had a super fun time playing, and then had a super fun time listening to Baltic.

Baltic are a raucous folk band who play twisted European inspired original music, as well as twisted folk standards and classics such as "my milk shakes bring all da boyzzz 3 the yard" (seriously, you've not heard that piece until you've seen Baltic's version) Unfortunately they don't have recordings yet because they suck, but the minute they do you'll be your gypsy folk starved hearts that I'll link in all the places.


The second gig was at the Record Crate, with The Squeezebox Trio, Baltic Bar Mitzvah (again! I am so spoilt getting to see/hear them two nights in a row) and The Vacationists.

The first band of the evening was the Squeezebox Trio, who play a unique brand of Gypsy Jazz. Their band consists of a Violin, a Piano Accordian and a Guitar. As well as originals and jazz standards (both of which are brilliantly composed and arranged respectively) they play Disney songs (which are SO.MUCH.FUN).

We played our usual crazy music next, but unlike other gigs ended our set in a massive on Dans Mustata Jam with Baltic and Squeezebox. I'm not sure how it sounded, but it was super fun.

Baltic played after us, delighting us yet again with their crazy brand of European folk music.

Finally the Vacationists finished off the evening, taking us on a vacation (har har har) away from folk music. They're sort of an indieish surfyish punkish rockish!


This is what I wore to the Saturday gig. I don't understand why it took me so long to match this dress with blue clothing (usually I keep my clothes/accessories white when wearing this dress)

I shot these photo's a couple of hours before the gig in a park near the main campus of Sydney University. The light was gorgeous, but I got pretty self conscious shooting in such a public space (usually I take photo's in places where there are no people, and I'll stop if there is a person. Kind of not an option when you'reĀ  taking photo's in a park in Sydney)

looking away portrait

I'm also going to do a sneaky and stick my photos of Friday nights outfit here (they weren't crash hot because the sun died before I took them, but I really loved my outfit from that day). I went with a kind of space princess theme, because why not!

without coat With Coat