Mint flowers

image I had a massive sewing binge this evening. I intended to post this outfit yesterday, but hand beading my mint choc chip icecream skirt got in the way :s.

Blazer : David Lawrence, dress:Myer, belt:Alannah Hill, tights: eBay, shoes: kmart

This is what I wore to work on Saturday.


I feel this is a good example of how I approach outfit construction. My main colour is the mint blue of the dress. I have then created a navy blue sandwich by having a navy blue jacket, and navy blue shoes. The belt helps to break the monotony of the mint blue, while balancing out the top and bottom navy blue.


They're not too evident, but, I am indeed wearing tights (it's way too cold to go without tights)

One last thing! These shoes are the best bargains I have ever found (in the way of shoes at least) I bought them at Kmart last year for $4. I think they were originally $20. And they're super comfy.