Freezing in a baroque dress

wpid-pict_20150428_165501.jpg We've entered that time of year when the mornings are freezing and the middle of the day is (usually) not. I remember this time in high school, and how irritating it was. I'd start off my day in a heavy coat and long pants, then change into my skirt later in the day. (I'm a complete wuss when it comes to temperature. If it's the teeniest bit hot I'm an overheated sweaty mess, and if it's the teeniest bit cold, I'm chilled to my bones complete with violent shivering and teeth chattering. )


The temperature today totally behaved the way it was meant to (ie, too cold morning, too hot day time) Unfortunately I freezed my arse off all day because of a little thing called wind chill.


I can remember the first time I heard the term wind chill. I was in year 8 and binge reading a series called Magic or Madness by Justine Larbalestier (TLDR follows some peeps born with magic. They have 3 choices, they 1) use their magic and die super young, 2) Steal other magic and effectively murder them or 3) go completely mad from not using their magic).

Anyway book 2 was partially set in New York, and the character that lived there was always talking/complaining about the wind chill (because the weather would be totally great without the silly wind getting all up in everyone's grill) Once I'd heard the term and wrapped my head around what it felt like, wind chill was just another dot point of my "thing I hate about the weather" list.


I didn't really notice wind chill up until I started uni (Newcastle CBD is significantly more windy than the high school I went to). Ever since then I have loathed the wind. Today was no exception to that loathing. When the wind wasn't blowing it was lovely and mild. Not too hot to wear layered clothing, but warm enough that my blouse kept me sufficiently warm. Alas the wind decided that it shouldn't let me be comfortable, and blew it's icy cold air on me whenever I had to venture outdoors (which was quite a bit)


In conclusion (I've been doing too many assignments) wind chill sucks, and I can't even deal.


Lotsa lace

wpid-pict_20150408_171930_20150408214037288.jpg Today was my last full day in beautiful Kiama. Rohan (the boyfe) Katherine (the smexy beast who's been in some of my posts this week) and I are heading back to the Central Coast tomorrow (unfortunately not via my bands gig at Symposium Bar, which was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. Hopefully we'll be able to play there in the near future! ) We've had a fabulous week full of relaxing, catching up with friends, painting, indulging in way to much netflix, finding awesome new musicians , and discovering fun new toys like Rory's Story Cubes and Kinetic Sand.


Let me tell you about the wonder which is Kinetic Sand. It's this odd sand which is a 2% polymer mix which gives it these odd non Newtonian fluid like properties, but it's not wet or sticky. I found it in a small toy shop on our first day, and was thinking about the purchase all week. (I caved today, and I'm glad I did. This stuff is the greatest). I have a lot of trouble keeping my hands still, so this will be great for me.



Goodbye Kiama, and thanks for the awesome week! <3

Marie Antoinette

wpid-c360_2014-12-29-15-23-56-446.jpg I went out to lunch with Mum today, so I decided to wear this dress:


We went to a small cafe in East Gosford called taste. There was a bit of a wait, and the food wasn't the greatest, but it was nice being out of the house.

It's really weird having some days off. Don't get me wrong, I'm really enjoying it, but, most days I don't see the point of getting dressed/ use the smallest excuse to leave the house to dress up.


I also really didn't choose the right clothes for the temperature. It was really hot today, but I was tricked into believing it was coldish because my Mum likes keeping the house at Arctic Temperatures.


Wearable Art

wpid-c360_2014-11-12-17-42-46-368.jpg I have been doing so. much. sewing.

Remember that alterations pile I talked about a few days ago? Well, I altered another piece of clothing from it!


The dress I wore today was originally a floor length maxi dress. I'm not a fan of wearing maxi dresses (They look great on others, but a bit odd on me) , so I chopped it up and re configured the fabric arrangement.

Wearing the dress I altered from mimosa.

Basically I made two cuts: One at the waist, then one halfway down the fabric that I removed from the waist section. After that I sewed two darts into the top of  the dress to make it fit better. I then attached the two skirt panels together, gathered the skirt and sewed in onto the bottom of the bodice. To finish off I gathered some block polkadot tulle around the base of the skirt, because I don't feel quite right without a swishy skirt.

Full outfit of the day shot/ portrait.

Now for the title explanation. You can't see it too well from the photos, but the print on my dress is some type of old painting (Hence why I called the post wearable art) I'm not trying to be pretensious, I promise!