feets "Everyone's pretty, just not everyone knows they're pretty" These are the wise words of youtuber Kassie King, who is a fabulous youtuber that I watch on occasion. The video this quote is from is a rambly discussion in which Kassie talks about her path to self love and body acceptance as someone who does not fit the "pretty" mold. (if you want to watch the video you can view it here) The above quote a chord with me.  I know so many people who are very beautiful but think the opposite because of how the concept of "pretty" is portrayed.

full body

I know that I come from a place of thin person/white privilege, but, I don't understand why feminine beauty is relegated to tall, long hair, skinny with tanned skin if you're white, but light skin if you're not. I also don't understand why society pressures those who don't fit the feminine beauty standards to either 1) fix themselves so they fit, or 2) feel subhuman because they can't/don't want to conform.

I love that the body acceptance/size acceptance movement is trying to counter the current beauty standards. I love that these movements are gaining more and more traction. I also love that these movements are taking back the word fat. Fat shouldn't be a negative or a positive attribute, it should just be a neutral descriptor, like tall or short. The less we use fat as an insult/negative descriptor, the less "being fat" is seen as the "worst thing ever".


Miley Cyrus's recent interview has also spurred on my recent thoughts about how beauty is portrayed in society. I won't say much about the interview as my thought's are still quite muddled, but it's well worth the read. As much as I don't like Miley's work, I'm glad that she's using her fame and influence to have these discussions in such a mature way. It's also lovely to see her have a successful career, whilst breaking away from some of society's celebrity beauty standards.

portrait w coat

On that note, I'd love to share some of my favourite style blogs run by people that don't fit society's beauty standards, but are some of the most beautiful bloggers I've had the pleasure of following.

no legs

Cup Cake This is Georgina Doull who run's a blog called Cupcake's Clothes. I'm still yet to find another person who can style/ pull off pastel as well as she does.  Every portion of every outfit is executed perfectly down to the tiniest detail.


Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset This is Ragini, who run's a Curious Fancy. I remember the week I stumbled upon her blog. I spent hours reading the complete archives. I'd describe the experience like reading a book backwards. I started at the end and worked my way to the beginning. Something that remained a constant through her whole blog was how beautifully she dressed (And still dresses, I mean, look at her outfit yo!)


Miss MagFinally we have Marie, who runs the blog Migg Mag. One of my favourite things about reading her blog (apart form her amazing clothes) is how she talks about size acceptance, self love and beauty standards. I find her writing on the topic to be some of the most well written engaging pieces I've ever read on the subject. She also did a fabulous interview for the Style Like U - What's Underneath? Project (which you can't watch here)

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Finally, on a completely unrelated note I sewed a thing last night! I made the skirt I wore today. I cut the fabic before I moved out, and ever since then it had been taunting me. I finally managed to get my sewing room in enough order to be able to use is, which meant I was able to finish my skirt! :D