Music, Cats and a whole lot of busking.

wpid-c360_2014-12-18-18-57-36-213_20141218191104159.jpg Guess who went busking today!? Vanishing Shapes went busking today! This is not what I wore busking, but I thought I should talk a little about the experience before delving into yesterdays outfit.

We busked along Darby St, which is basically the Newtown of Newcastle. It was hella fun! We did some super cool jams for two hours. Unfortunately we were missing Nick (which always makes me feel super lonely (WOODWINDS 5EVABBY)) but we had a great time anyway.



This is what I wore yesterday! It's been a very long time since I wore this skirt (probably about 6 months, which is a long time for me to not wear something) I actually forgot I owned it until I was doing some Lookbook maintenance the other day.



The best thing about the music print is that it's musical gobbly goop. I find it hilarious when music print isn't designed by musicians. In its defense, this print is better than most.


I also feel like I should alert you to the fact that there are teeny tiny cats on my shirt (You can't see it very well in the photos unfortunately. I'll have to take a closeup next time I wear it!)

Busking and bows

wpid-c360_2014-12-17-18-59-42-851.jpg I've been doing so much busking lately! Yesterday I went with my friend Alyse, and we played probably about 2 hours worth of flute duets along the main street of Terrigal.


I really enjoy busking. I find its the best way to practice because a) You get to practice performing without all the anxiety that goes with it and b) You get to be outside, which is something you rarely get to do when you're practicing.




Something I need to learn not to do when I go busking is wear a dress or a skirt. Both Alyse and I were in garments with full skirts, and the wind trying to blow our skirts up in an unattractive fashion distracted us a couple of times.




If you learn anything from my blog it should be this: Busking + skirt = not much fun in the wind!

Busking and Bowties

wpid-20141209_183723.jpg I had a half day off today, which was a nice change of pace considering how busy I've been!

Yesterday my band went busking in Sydney. Originally we were meant to play live on my friends radio show Home Made Mondays (You can listen to her here on Monday mornings 10-12 and you can catch up on her show here! But all the technology failed (Fear not! We will be rescheduling !) We were also meant to play at a community arts thing in the evening, but it fell through because of the storms (which cleared up once the event was cancelled).


Busking was hot, and it was hard (especially seeing as we went fully acoustic, meaning Jake and Tim had to work super hard to get any sort of audible noise) and we didn't make much ($12 yo!) but it was hella fun!

We've since ironed out the kinks (ie lack of amplification) in our setup, and are going to attempt busking again tomorrow before our gig at Valve Bar in Sydney!




Tomorrow night is going to be nuts. We're playing with 3 other fabulous bands; Psychic Sun, Baltic Bah Mitzvah and Rhythm Hunters  Anyway, if you live in/ can get to Sydney tomorrow night, it'll be heaps sick Event --->



As a consequence of all of this rushing about, I have somehow misplaced my favourite bow which I pin onto all of my dresses/skirts/shirts when doing a white based outfit. I rectified that situation today by modifying a cheap bow tie (I basically removed the neck strap and sewed a brooch back onto it) I've been amazed at how difficult I find styling an outfit when I don't have some sort of external bow to pin to it.


Anyway, if you find yourself in Sydney tomorrow, keep an ear out for the nutty sounds of Vanishing Shapes.