The Tuft

Fanny different Angle Cropped This is a different type of post today. The magnificent man you see above is Nathaniel, and today was his last day in the Tufty Hidey Hole Cafe that he was running with his friend Tom (unfortunately Tom wasn't there when I was, but he was as much a part of this wonderful space as Nathaniel)


The Tufty was more than just a cafe. Nathaniel and Tom had turned it into a creative sanctuary, hosting art nights, poetry readings and Jazz Jams. Even the shop front was a work of art, posing as a blackboard for whoever was game enough to ask for some chalk.




There was also always a friendly face to great you. It was a home masquerading as a coffee shop.




It's funny. I almost didn't go in today. I had a tiny bit of spare time, and it was a few mins before closing time. I figured if the had stopped serving coffee I could always pop my head in and say hi. I'm really glad I decided to go in and have one last mocha. (Nathaniel literally makes the best coffee)



Throught the window Cropped

It may be the end of the Tufty, but I'm certain whatever Nathaniel (and Tom) pursue next will have the same strong community surrounding it, because it's not the walls that make a home, it's the people in it.


I'll leave you now with a few shot I took of the space today. Tom and Fanny, thankyou so much for creating such an amazing space <3 I'm sure your next adventure will be even better :)

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