So, it's a new year or whatever.

Is it weird that I don't really care about it being a New Year? With the lifestyle I'm currently leading, time is a somewhat arbitrary and anxiety inducing concept, and this "magical phenomenon" known as "New Year" is just a small, inconvenient blip on my radar. 

Despite my pessimistic philosophising, I actually had a pretty great new years eve. I spent it in Gulgong with the Button Collective playing Brodie's songs and Irish music. This is the second new year in a row that I've been with the Buttons playing Irish music as the clock ticks over, and I think it's definitely my favourite way to celebrate this arbitrary occasion.  

Like the last time I disappeared from this blog space, these photos were not taken recently. I took these back in October when life was slightly less hectic. I overcommitted myself through November and December, and although I probably had the time to to bloggy internety things, I just didn't have the mental or emotional energy. 

I'm not one for setting "New Year Resolutions" but this "personal growth goal type thing" just happened to coincide with the thing. Last year, particularly towards the end, I felt as if I was drowning beneath a huge pile of "to do's" and anxiety. This made doing "arty things" like working on this blog, and sewing, and making art pretty difficult. 

I'm determined to not let that happen as often to the extent that it did. I've broken my work schedule down into a really basic bare minimum work style. (basically, I've got a very small set amount of regular work I have to achieve on a weekly basis. If I'm up to it, I'm going to do more, if I'm not, well, I'm slowing chipping away at the work pile, which will keep me from metaphorically drowning) 

One last thing, I feel the need to apologise for my absence and for talking about my mental health all the time. I know intellectually that I don't need to. It's more of an apology to myself more than whoever happens to read this blog. I suppose I feel a personal guilt, because I've been neglecting this space, and miss it so much. 

OK, actual last thing. I'm going on tour with Vanishing Shapes. We'll be going up to Brisbane! If you happen to live between Sydney and there, and have some free time on your hands, here are our tour dates

I think thats enough word vomit. Enjoy your day! 

Eiffel Tower Skate Boards

shoes There's a reason for all of the super comfy casual clothes I've been posting this weekend. I'm currently writing a mini version of my thesis for this year, which means I'm spending all day cooped up on the lounge with my laptop drowning in orchestral scores, piccolo music, orchestration books, piccolo research and my own personal notes. When I'm doing this sort of stuff I want to be super comfy. Looking cute is just a bonus.

On the Board

There's only one reason I got dressed today. I decided to take my skate board out for a ride (if I hadn't done this, I probably would have stayed in my pyjamas all day) It's amazing how being on my board for an hour cleared my head.

Standing with Board

This is what I wore for skating. I picked up this jumper from the op shop last week. The shorts I have on underneath (believe it or not) are actually high waisted, although you can't tell cause my jumper is super long.


Moral of the story: If you've got the study blues, go for a walk. Makes everything better.

Straight on Head Shot

I also decided to photograph my "handbag essentials". I'm going to be honest, I'm a bit of a snoop. I can remember being 13 on the internet and finding the "post what's in your bag" phenomenon. I was endlessly fascinated. It wasn't a common thing for people to do back then either.

Beauty and fashion bloggers/vloggers do these types of posts/videos all the time now, and I figure I may as well satisfy a curiosity (Not that any of you will necessarily be curious about what's in my bag)

I'm going to be honest, this isn't so much a what's in my bag. It's more of an essential things that are always with me. I'm constantly switching bags throughout the week (when I have a long journey I tend to take a backpack which carries a lot more stuff so that I can be entertained/do work)

What's in my bag

This is the small bag I use most often. It was given to me by a close friend, and is the perfect size for my "bare essentials" handbag :)


If you found this interesting, let me know and I'll do a post on what I bring when I commute.

Manic Weekends

wpid-c360_2014-11-29-18-01-19-152.jpg This weekend hes been slightly manic. It started friday when I attended my friends bands album launch (They're called Valko, and if they keep heading the way they are, they could find themselves with a spot in "Jen's top 10 favourite bands of all time" list.


On Saturday I found myself faced with two long gigs with two different Orchestras: The New Empire Ballroom Ragtime Dance Orchestra, and the Central Coast Symphony Orchestra (Which will be called "Symphony Central Coast" from next year) Both gigs were so much fun, but today I found myself feeling quite dead.

Unfortunately I didn't get to relax. I had my music schools end of year concert. Although it was very long (5 hours D: ) It was lovely to see so many children (and a few adults) enjoying music so much.


Misogynist teenage bogans: AKA Why I maintain tunnel vision while in public

wpid-camera_20141126194826823.jpg Today was quite an eventful day. It started out with having coffee with Ro and Adam, which was very lovely, then followed by an awful afternoon full of teenage misogynist bogans, and then topped off by an Orchestral rehearsal which left me tired and Hangry.

I was verbally assalted by 3 separate packs of teenage boys this afternoon within the space of an hour. The first event was when I was getting out of my car to take outfit photos. Two boys no older than 14 yelled out various versions of "hey sexy" and "nice ass"

The second event was at a local Mc Donalds, where I was greeted with more "hey sexy" and variations thereof by slightly older boys.

The third was when I was buying a drink from the servo. This bogan was probably about 17ish 18 ish. He was wearing shorts, and one of those racerback singlets with the huge armholes and low neckwhich shows off all the "alpha male muscles bro ha ha footy"ness of their physique.

Finally, to top off these three events, I was told that I was asking for it because of the way I had dressed that day. I can 100% guarantee had I been male, wearing shorts and nothing else , I wouldn't have heard a peep from the young lads in woy woy.

So, After that word vomit, this is what I wore today.


This outfit may be unusual, but in no way is it provocative. I'm wearing long sleeves for goodness sake! My shorts may be short, but the length still has a good 5 cm's on the current lengths of store bought short shorts.

I don't even know why I'm trying to justify why my outfit shouldn't be commented on in such an inappropriate way. I am not an object. I am human and should be treated as such. The behavior displayed by the bogans this afternoon is inappropriate and dehumanizing. Their behaviour aims to not only put me down, but to make me feel less than, and to make my gender feel less than.

I suppose I just can't believe that such uncivilized people still exist in today's society. I think the saddest thing is that these boys will probably have children one day, and these children will be taught that this behaviour is ok. The only way for these children to ever have a chance at not continuing the sexism cycle is for people (especially women) to come out and talk about these experiences.


The next time you experience sexist behaviour, I emplor you to speak out publicly against it. It's the only way to create a safe an equal enviroment for ourselves, and our future generation.


Icecream casuals


I had a very laid back day today as far as my clothing was concerned. It was one of those days where you stay in your pyjamas till 3pm. I had a very valid excuse though! I was working.


I'm going to attempt to sell some jewellery at a market in Davidstown! Anyway the pendants you see above took pretty much the whole day to sculpt and paint, hence why I stayed in my pyjamas for so long.


I did get dressed eventually!! Rohan and I went out for a walk after I had finished the sculpting work. I was feeling a bit lazy, so I went for a more chill outfit compared to what I normally wear.


The walk we had was lovely. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and we got to go to spotlight!!