Hey Ho, the wicked witch is dead.

All day I've been feeling like Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. It's these shoes - They're so red and shiny (and perfect) with small clicky heels. The shape, colour and height remind me of the pair from the movie. Coupled with my stockings, I could totally be the wicked witch of the east.  

I'm sure I've said this multiple times - I associate "strong independent woman" with the sound of high heels. It takes a certain amount of confidence to wear a loud shoe. You can't sneak around when your shoes make noise. Everyone knows you're coming (because they can hear you). 

As far as heel go, this pair are on the quieter side. You can definitely hear me before you see me, but the noise isn't distracting or obnoxious.  

Hand in da hair .jpg

The shirt I wore today is a new find from the thrift shop. The bodice shares the ombre of the sleeves, but is covered by my skirt here.

Space Cat.

Shoes A decent portion of this weekend was spent in Boudi National Park with my Dad painting.

staring off into space

We started these paintings at the beginning of July, but didn't have time to finish them until today.

Dad Painting

We had brilliant weather for it as well. The sun was out, and it was fairly warm. All of these photo's were taken at yesteday's painting session. (except the photo of my finished work. That was taken today. I didn't manage to get it finished yesterday!)


For those of you who have never done landscape painting before, it is important to note that it's quite harsh on your body. You sit still for extended periods of time in the same position, usually on a fairly uncomfortable surface. Because of this, it's important to wear comfy clothes.

space cat

I definitely wore comfy clothes. The coat I had on was loose and warm, the space cat shirt was soft and warm, the skirt was soft, my socks were thick ish and my shoes were supportive.

coat and stuff

As well as being super comfy for painting, my outfit was kind of inspired by the blogger Groove Bunny .Her outfits always look so adorable but comfy (which is what I was going for.)

Necklace Details

The space cat shirt was actually Rohan's shirt, but he washed it wrong, and it shrunk, so now it's mine :3. I've been wearing it heaps as a kind of pyjama-y comfy shirt because it's super soft and super warm.

full body no coat

with coat

So yeah, here's my finished piece. I used watercolour on smooth 300gsm watercolour paper, and used Windsor and Newton Watercolours. Watercolour is definitely my favourite medium at the moment. I really enjoy how it behaves on paper. Dad didn't get his finished today, so we'll need to go back again in the next few weeks. (he's using acrylic paint, which behaves quite differently as far as speed of painting goes) I'll be sure to post a photo of his finished work when it's done.


Grumpy Cats and Orange Rainbows

wpid-pict_20150415_165759.jpg So, you know how I took that trip to Kiama down on the south coast? Well, near Kiama, there's a place called Berry, which is a little tourist town with some fabulous shops along the main street. Now, there are two shops in particular which are completely awesome. Those are the fabric stores. I may have hit up both of them, and I may have purchased too much fabric (so much for using up the fabric I already had!)



I bough the fabric for these shorts at a quilting specialty shop which was off the main road (I bought some other fabric there too, but i haven't used that yet). This fabric is covered with angry stylized watercolour cats. It was just too fabulous not to make into shorts with heart pockets.

This is the outfit that I wore during the day yesterday for my super cute busking sesh with my band Vanishing Shapes. (We filmed the first few songs of our session, which I'll be uploading to our youtube channel later this evening.(We're also going to upload more frequently, so if you love our kooky folk sound, you should totes subscribe))


Now, the main reason we busked yesterday was as a warmup for our gig in the evening with Spencer Scott, Thrasher Polka and The Dead Maggies, which is also the reason you're getting 2 outfit photos today!


We had such a blast playing with all of these fab musicians and I suggest you check them all out!

Spencer Scott is simply a boy with a guitar, singing about life, and what wonderful song they are. His performances are always super fun, super energetic, and the two times I've seen him, he's left myself (and the rest of the audience) full of the feels.

Thrasher Polka make music that sounds like their band name. They are a folk punk band, and although their music isn't compositionally the most brilliant, their performance more than makes up for it.

Finally the Dead Maggies (who's tour we were all supporting that evening) entertained us greatly with their brilliant Tasmanian Folk Punk.  Basically, they sing about real life dead people from the convict era of Tasmanian History. Their performance was full of energy, and I look forward to playing with them in the future. (their lead singer also plays a metal clarinet, which is weird to listen to and extraordinarily weird to look at.)



Pirate cat (pirate cat, does whatever a pirate cat does)

wpid-pict_20150406_144018.jpg The past couple of days have been relatively chill. Yesterday Dad, Katherine and I went to jamberoo, which is a waterpark. (Which meant I spent the day in my swimmers, hence the no outfit photos)

It was a really great day (and I managed to avoid getting burnt!)


Today we went to the Kiama Harbour Markets (which you can see in the background of the picture above) Then we had some family friends visit.


So yeah. Holidays are fun :3



Music, Cats and a whole lot of busking.

wpid-c360_2014-12-18-18-57-36-213_20141218191104159.jpg Guess who went busking today!? Vanishing Shapes went busking today! This is not what I wore busking, but I thought I should talk a little about the experience before delving into yesterdays outfit.

We busked along Darby St, which is basically the Newtown of Newcastle. It was hella fun! We did some super cool jams for two hours. Unfortunately we were missing Nick (which always makes me feel super lonely (WOODWINDS 5EVABBY)) but we had a great time anyway.



This is what I wore yesterday! It's been a very long time since I wore this skirt (probably about 6 months, which is a long time for me to not wear something) I actually forgot I owned it until I was doing some Lookbook maintenance the other day.



The best thing about the music print is that it's musical gobbly goop. I find it hilarious when music print isn't designed by musicians. In its defense, this print is better than most.


I also feel like I should alert you to the fact that there are teeny tiny cats on my shirt (You can't see it very well in the photos unfortunately. I'll have to take a closeup next time I wear it!)