Choc Chips

wpid-20141212_182835.jpg This is the thing that I wore yesterday!


Basically, yesterday was one of those days where I really couldn't be bothered getting dressed, so I went for something super comfy. (my comfy outfits tend to look like comfort food ha ha)


Also, I scooped my dog bubbles up while photographing this outfit, because she's a cutie pie!


Chocolate chip icecream skirt


So I may have hit the sewing machine last night. That may have resulted in yet another icecream skirt. I may have made Rohan help me sequin it.


I also may have forgotten to change the white balance on my camera (although I kinda dig the results) 


Because of the colouring of the skirt I decided to style it in a steampunk-esque fashion. Underneath the skirt I'm wearing the new petticoat I made which consists of approximately 10 layers of tulle.


Dressing in a chocolatey manner also made me feel slightly better about my nutty day which consisted of two lessons, a recording session, presenting a seminar, teaching, and an orchestral rehearsal (I may or may not be typing this post during my tacet section....) 

Did I mention that my band got played on the radio Monday? My awesome friend Rachel Cox has a radio show in Bondi on a Monday morning, and my band made it into her top 3 favourite tracks of the week (here's the full write up: Link Yo) so yeah. Listen to her show if you need new music on your ipod because she has a brilliant taste in music!