Grumpy Cats and Orange Rainbows

wpid-pict_20150415_165759.jpg So, you know how I took that trip to Kiama down on the south coast? Well, near Kiama, there's a place called Berry, which is a little tourist town with some fabulous shops along the main street. Now, there are two shops in particular which are completely awesome. Those are the fabric stores. I may have hit up both of them, and I may have purchased too much fabric (so much for using up the fabric I already had!)



I bough the fabric for these shorts at a quilting specialty shop which was off the main road (I bought some other fabric there too, but i haven't used that yet). This fabric is covered with angry stylized watercolour cats. It was just too fabulous not to make into shorts with heart pockets.

This is the outfit that I wore during the day yesterday for my super cute busking sesh with my band Vanishing Shapes. (We filmed the first few songs of our session, which I'll be uploading to our youtube channel later this evening.(We're also going to upload more frequently, so if you love our kooky folk sound, you should totes subscribe))


Now, the main reason we busked yesterday was as a warmup for our gig in the evening with Spencer Scott, Thrasher Polka and The Dead Maggies, which is also the reason you're getting 2 outfit photos today!


We had such a blast playing with all of these fab musicians and I suggest you check them all out!

Spencer Scott is simply a boy with a guitar, singing about life, and what wonderful song they are. His performances are always super fun, super energetic, and the two times I've seen him, he's left myself (and the rest of the audience) full of the feels.

Thrasher Polka make music that sounds like their band name. They are a folk punk band, and although their music isn't compositionally the most brilliant, their performance more than makes up for it.

Finally the Dead Maggies (who's tour we were all supporting that evening) entertained us greatly with their brilliant Tasmanian Folk Punk.  Basically, they sing about real life dead people from the convict era of Tasmanian History. Their performance was full of energy, and I look forward to playing with them in the future. (their lead singer also plays a metal clarinet, which is weird to listen to and extraordinarily weird to look at.)



Music Musings

wpid-pict_20150226_174228.jpg I am surrounded by so many great and passionate musicians.

My band played a gig in Newcastle last night for our friend Rachael Maria Cox's Ep launch. It was such a special evening.


The evening started with Jessie Drane's beautiful music. I absolutely love seeing her play. Her music is what I'd describe as having a laid back folky vibe. She can also sing freaky low, which adds to the mellow tone of her music.


My band played next. It was our first Newcastle gig with New Josh (and also our first Newcastle gig with me introducing the pieces/ saying words while people tuned / changed instruments). I couldn't think of a better gig to introduce him at. We played really well, the crowd was electric, and the whole band kept having moments.


After us the main lady of the evening blitzed her set. Rachael's songs are quite melancholy for the most part, and let me tell you, she does melancholy is the absolute best way possible. It was just her and her keyboard last night, but she recorded the ep with a full band (You can click here to stream/ buy/ marvel at her brilliance)  Congrats on a great release Rachael dear <3


I also started honors yesterday. The process of doing music at uni is an incredibly weird one. We started out as quite a large cohort, and now we've been whittled down to the last 10 or so people.

As weird as it is to have a small group in my year, I'm really looking forward to starting on the creative components of my research, as well as collaborating with others (not necessarily on their research, but just with general music-y things. 3/5ths of my band is in my class, as well as 2 composition friends, and a pianist friend, all of which I work with on a semi regular basis)

I'm also determined to become a notebook chick. I've had a love hate relationship with notebooks (and art diary's). I've purchased so many with good intentions, but barely ever get past the first few pages of writing (or in the art diary's case, I do a few crappy drawings, then let it collect dust on my "dead" art diary shelf) Honors involves a lot of writing as far as I know, so I bought a lovely notebook to use (along with a purple pen. #theycanmakemetakenotesbuttheycantchoosewhatcolourIwritewith).


Anyway, onto what I wore today! I've actually layered two dresses to create this outfit. I got home really late last night, which caused my to be incredibly dead when I woke up this morning. I tend to always reach for this dress when I'm half dead, probably because 1) it's super easy to just throw on 2) It goes with so many things in my wardrobe making it easy to coordinate.

Forever Green

wpid-c360_2015-01-19-17-57-09-065.jpg If you've been reading my blog for a while, you will have noticed I wear green clothes very regularly, especially when the weather is wet, drab and grey. Today was the drabbest greyest day we've had for a while, which made my outfit choice for the day pretty easy.


It's been ages since I've been able to wear this blouse (which is my all time favourite blouse!) It's something I can only wear in cold weather because it's one of those warm fabrics (It breathes, but it keeps the heat in)

I did a lot of traveling today (I had to take my instruments to the flute dr for their yearly service. I'll be without them for a week and a bit which makes me very sad!), so it was very important that I dress warmly, partially for the temperature outside (wet and somewhat cold) but mostly for the air-conditioning on the trains I caught (which was both way too cold, and way too strong)


Magic Pixie Dust

wpid-c360_2015-01-16-18-26-47-268.jpg I've been quite busy the past couple of days. Yesterday I traveled to Newcastle to have lunch with my friend Steven, a rehearsal with Jessie for a music thing she's doing, and finally busking with my band mate Jake.


I also stayed at Jake's last night because we busked in the evening in Hamilton and City Rail at night is hella creepy. Staying in Newcastle for me means that I have to pre plan an outfit which uses the same shoes and accessories as day one. I'm usually on foot, and I want to keep luggage light, so using this method is the most convenient.


This morning I dragged Jake over to main campus to hand in uni forms that we both had been procrastinating handing in. It's not like they were difficult forms, it's just main campus is a pain in the neck to get to by public transport, and I live far away.


These next few photo's are of my pretty puppies (who are 10 years old, but w/e. They will always be my puppies) They always get extra adorable when I've been away for an extended period of time, and today they were being extra extra cute, and extra sooky.



wpid-c360_2015-01-16-18-24-46-602.jpg wpid-c360_2015-01-16-18-25-24-389.jpg wpid-c360_2015-01-16-18-37-46-824.jpg wpid-c360_2015-01-16-18-38-28-545.jpg

Sewing/Beach fun times

wpid-c360_2015-01-08-18-53-45-171.jpg I went to the beach yesterday for the first time in forever. It was such a lovely, sunny afternoon (although, it was a little windy, but the wind was nice considering the temperature) and spending it at the beach was the perfect end to the day.

I must say though, it was hard to find a good place to shoot because 1) The sun was being super awkward, 2) There were lots of people milling around (I feel self conscious shooting in front of people) and 3) There were a ton of people with beach side houses having barbeques (making shooting even more awkward) I did eventually find a spot, hence why my photos are sandy and wet.


The dress I'm wearing is a dress I made a couple of days ago. My parents bought be a bunch of lovely fabric for christmas, and as soon as I saw it, I knew exactly what I was going to make with it.


I'm really pleased with how this dress turned out. It's the first time I've ever sewn sleeves, and it's the first time I've successfully draped a collar onto a dress. I also made a new flower crown! I bought some cheep fake flowers , an adorable foam bird and little blue pearly things from the $2 shop.

Making this hair piece also reintroduced me to the joy of  the hot glue gun. I can't believe I forgot how good hot glue is!