A is for Alien Apple

shoes (Let me begin this post by saying this is not sponsored. I just found my holy grail lip colour)


I have a weird relationship with makeup. My mum was never really into it, so wearing it everyday was never encouraged (It was never discouraged either. It was just a thing neither of us really worried about) I never apply foundation. It looks great on others, but I find it sticky and uncomfortable. Same goes for concealer (and primer etc). All of my makeup skillz (or lack there of) come from youtube (Application techniques)/ experimentation (crazy colours).

Saying this, I adore eyeshadow, mascara and lipstick, meaning if I've got bright eyes and bright lips, my skin is pretty bare (Which, according to all of youtube beauty is a pretty weird thing).

swish and flick

Anyway, my search for emerald green lipcolour started about 4 years ago when I realised "unnatural" (ie, anything that's not brown, pink or red) lipstick was a thing. I began searching, and happened across all of the "regular" brands (lime crime, jeffery star etc). Unfortunately for me, anything that was good quality (ie, didn't smell like garbage or feel like crayons) was in the $20 plus price range (and at the time, that was a no go yo) so I dropped the idea.


A few weeks ago I was on a youtube beauty vlog adventure, and found out about colour pop, which had decently priced lipsticks and eyeshadows in all sorts of crazy colours. One of the crazy colours just happened to be the magnificent gem I wore on my face on Tuesday. It's called Bunny, it was $5 usd, wears like a dream (I biked in the 30 degree heat in this lipstick. Barely moved on my lips) and upon googling the colour just now, it's been discontinued :( Dang yo (Despite this, it will last me forever. I don't get to wear lipstick often because it comes off on my flute/makes my embochure awkward and sticky/slippery) . This colour is kind of similar, but you miss out on the big flecks of shimmer which really bring this green to life.

Legit, having deep emerald lips is the most me I've ever felt.


I also tried something new with my hair. My hair is kind of really long (for me) at the moment, as I've not had a spare minute to get a hair cut. Just today I've decided to let my hair (fringe and all) grow out over summer (to provide a blank slate) then I'm going to get it cut super short (with a long flippy side fringe). It's going to be a hair-raising adventure :D (I'll see myself out)