Pastle Icecream

wpid-pict_20150413_164935.jpg Today has been a little bit bad (I did the 5 more minutes (which turned into 3 more hours)and then I'll wake up thing. Thank goodness I didn't have anywhere to be!)  and a little bit good (After hours of googling and email, I think I finally get how to do a case study analysis in reference to a creative subject)


Quite a few of my favourite bloggers have been wearing pastel clothing the last few days, and it put me in a pastel kind of mood. It's hard to tell in this photo, but I've got 4 different pastel hues going on (mint blue and purple in the shirt, waffle cone yellow and mint green in the skirt). I've basically been walking around campus feeling like an icecream/fairyfloss/piece of cake all day, which has been super fun.


As well as studying, I also had to get a new student card today. 2 weeks ago I somehow managed to loose my student card, and I finally had some spare time to replace it. No more paying full fare for me! (I had to do it for 2 weeks. It sucked big time.)


Icecream casuals


I had a very laid back day today as far as my clothing was concerned. It was one of those days where you stay in your pyjamas till 3pm. I had a very valid excuse though! I was working.


I'm going to attempt to sell some jewellery at a market in Davidstown! Anyway the pendants you see above took pretty much the whole day to sculpt and paint, hence why I stayed in my pyjamas for so long.


I did get dressed eventually!! Rohan and I went out for a walk after I had finished the sculpting work. I was feeling a bit lazy, so I went for a more chill outfit compared to what I normally wear.


The walk we had was lovely. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and we got to go to spotlight!!

Elmo and icecream


This is what I wore Wednesday!


Despite the fact I'm on uni break I'm spending quite a bit of time at uni. I'm currently catching up on my practice backlog, which involves lots of rehearsals / setting up in the practice rooms.


The last time I wore this Cardigan I was told that I looked as if I had skinned Elmo ( I would like to assure everyone that no elmo's were harmed in the creation of this blog post.)

I also got a new camera! It's a Sony qx10 which is basically just a lense. It has an adhoc WiFi signal which allows it to connect to your phone, which you use as the viewfinder.

To celebrate I took the following pictures of my dogs. At night. In my lounge room. (if I had been using my phone, they would have been a noisy mess) 






They are such majestic creatures!

Miniature Marshmellows

wpid-20140912_120143.jpg These socks are actually the best thing ever.

I had to go to K-Mart this week to buy some practical things. While I was perusing the isles I stumbled upon these socks.  Not only are they deliciously mellow-y,  but they were super cheap and came in different prints (I also bought a cat pair and a pug pair :3)


There's only one downside to wearing delicious socks...


... They made me really hungry. :(


I scream, you scream (we all scream for Ice Cream)

wpid-20140705_134051.jpg Double shoe shot (to make up for the last post which had no shoes). The other pair are the shoes my boyfriend Ro Dogz is wearing today. (ewwww lovveeeee)


Beret: Thrifted, Cardigan: gifted, Shirt: Jay Jays, Belt: Alannah Hill, Skirt: Home made, Tights: Ebay, Socks: Ebay, Shoes: I <3 Billy


I had a sewing evening with the lovely Milly from We started at like 6pm and almost sewed till midnight. She made the most lovely pair of Tartan Shorts (you should totally click the link to go see them)

I made the icecream skirt that I'm wearing today. There are 42 circles around the rim. Never again.


I say never again, but I've already got plans to make a mint choc chip skirt.