Cute as a mouse

wpid-pict_20150512_161649.jpg I would like to have a real talk about beauty ideals and body hair. (This is spurred on by a post Buddle and Squeak made on her instagram like a week and a half ago) The TLDR of the situation is this: Everyone has body hair, and no one should make you feel ashamed of how you wear it/try and shame you into wearing it differently.


I was taught by the media and my peers to be ashamed of my body hair at age 12 (which is when I started shaving). The message (which I received loud and clear) was that women don't have body hair, and if you do, you should shave it off because if it's not on your head it's dirty, disgusting and gross. ( I've not actually talked to anyone about this before, but up until recently I was incredibly self conscious about my body hair, particularly on my stomach which has a teeny tiny snail trail of almost invisible hair).


I can remember sitting in sport in year 8 and eavesdropping on a conversation the popular kids were having. They were discussing the girls who were gross because they didn't shave their legs, or they had stubble, or their arm hair was dark. I can remember trying to hide my arms because the hair on my arms was visible and I didn't want to be perceived as gross.  I also used to shave my legs every night to avoid having any sort of leg hair, and let it be known, I didn't shave because I wanted to, I shaved because I thought I had to.

I also remember some close friends of mine being teased because they were late to the shaving party. (I never noticed that they didn't shave until this happened 1) Because they were my friends, and 2) of all the things I cared about, other peoples body hair was incredibly low on my list)

I think the saddest part of this whole situation is that I didn't realise that I had a choice over 1) whether I shaved or not and 2) whether I let my body hair bother me.


(Sorry if this is a bit TMI) My outlook on shaving is very different nowadays. I still shave my pits every night, but that's only because I find it more comfortable. I shave my legs once every 3 or 4 months (only because it feels uncomfy under my tights when I leave it that long). I don't feel ashamed when I wear a bikini and I haven't shaved my legs any more. It's liberating not caring about something so trivial.

I'm not particularly sure if there's a moral to this post. I just think that it's silly people spend so much time and energy thinking about/persecuting others for something as silly as a few hairs in places that aren't the top of a head. The only way people will stop caring is if society somehow normalises body hair, and that's only possible if people talk about it (hence why I'm talking about it)


In other news, my band got into Wollombi Music Festival! This is pretty exciting news (especially seeing as this is our first official festival ever) Anyway, if you're interested in a full day of folky fun you can check out the deets here.