Lost forever

I just lost hours of work because Squarespace doesn't have auto save, or brower based backups, both things wordpress had (which I relied on greatly) 

I can't retype it either. I was going to talk about a really serious issue, but I used up all of my mental energy typing it up the first time, I doubt I'll be able to make it as comprehensive or as meaningful again this evening. 

I'm definitely going to revisit it again, but not tonight. Instead I'm just going to post the images that I intended to post, and talk frivolously about my outfit, because I do not want to half arse this post. 

A little over a week ago I made a new flower belt, which I wore on the Sunday after the wedding. 

On it's first trip out into the wilderness I decided to style it using clothes that share colours with the belt (the green pink and peach on my skirt, shirt and shoes are all present in the roses) The belt is quite bulky, which is why I paired it with a flouncy skirt ( I used the leftover flowers in an outfit with the pine cone pants I made. While this belt works colour wise, the bulk looks odd with a straighter silhouette) 

The clothes I've paired the belt with are quite a neutral texture to balance the colours I've used and the texturally interest of the belt. 

In Summary: If you use squarespace, learn from my mistakes. Save your work! (because manual save is the only save) If you don't, your writing could be lost forever. 

Forest fairy

shoes My gosh, I've been letting this internet space gather cobwebs! I promise it's not been intentional (I've still been photographing outfits). My thesis is due next week and I've been working like mad to get it done (except for right now whilst I'm typing this post. I need a break or I'm going to go mad!)

looking left

So upon spending way too long typing and deleting this post, I'm just going to not type anything and leave you with the outfit I wore a little over a week ago. Once the second of December passes expect a rise in the level of my writing! I will be very free then (Yay)

straight on






flippy hair


half a face