Flannel Fish

Shoes In an unexpected turn of events, my band had a gig friday. We played with Rachel Maria Cox and Baltic Bar Mitzvah as the last stop on the Vanishing Shapes Hallucinatour. (If you're interested in seeing the photo's I took during Baltics set click here. They all have such pretty faces!). RMC was the saddest of sad grrrls in the most fabulous way ever, and Baltic was loud and wrakus in only a way they can manage :P


In other news, the Government's Data Retention Scheme kicked in today, and it's making me very angry. This "scheme" is a huge waste of money (because you can get around it by using a VPN Or by using a web browser like Tor ), and a huge invasion of privacy. I highly suggest you give this article written by Scott Ludlam a read. It's basically an introduction on what exactly the ISP's will be required to store, and how to keep your data private.

Also, let it be known that some ISP's are openly unhappy about the new arrangement. IInet immediately springs to mind. They are as transparent as possible with their customers, and released this article talking about their stand on the issue and why keeping your metadata private is important.

The TLDR of the situation is that ISP's (the people that give you the internet) have to retain your meta data for two whole years. Meta data contains a whole host of content,  words you have written, web address, location, I.P addresses, images, names (the list goes on!) You can find out SO MUCH STUFF about a person from their metadata. What if it got hacked? what if in the future metadata was made public property? What if the laws change  and the ISP's have to hold onto your data for longer?


There are some people that think that because they have "nothing to hide" it doesn't matter how much information the government retains about them. It doesn't matter if you have "nothing to hide", for this is yet another way that the government is controlling it's citizens, and chipping away at our rights. It's the digital equivalent of having a guy follow you around everywhere and go through all of your things. If you wouldn't be comfortable with someone looking through and cataloging literally everything in your house because the government said so, you shouldn't be ok with data retention.


There is a division in Australia and across the globe. There's the political class (those who make the laws and decide "what's best" either through being elected, paying their way in or placing their country under violent control) and there's everyone else. The current set of political class in Australia DO NOT CARE about the "everyone else" (if they did, data retention wouldn't be a thing). They think that "everyone else is either too stupid or too apathetic to care about what they do. They are wrong.

I know that myself and many of my peers feel frustrated and powerless. As far as lawmaking goes, yes we are pretty powerless (except when it comes to elections). We have powers in other ways. We can talk to our family, friends, and even strangers about what's going wrong in politics. We can engage with our local mp's across all level of government. We can spread our opinions across the wires which the government now monitor. (sorry for the cliche) but together we are strong.

(sorry to my readers who aren't Australian - I'm just so exasperated by the political situation in our country. Despite this I can guarantee that you have a similar divide in yours as well. It may not be as pronounced, but it's there.)




Black and White Fish


I experienced my first robbery this week. Now, before you freak out, it's not a big deal. The burglar is not human. The burglar is a cheeky crow that lives in our neighbourhood, and this crow likes to steal teeny tiny fairy's out of teeny tiny pot plants (This crow also loves to dig up my chives!)

playing w bow

One of the fist things my partner and I did when we moved into our place last month was buy some pot plants and make a tiny garden. One of the first things I did to said garden was decorate with teeny tiny fairy's which this crow has been slowly picking out of my garden. He's been super sneaky about it too, only taking one every few days. At the start of last week there were 6 fairy's, one ballerina and 6 gemstones in my pot plant. By Sunday I had 4 fairy's, a headless ballerina (which I posted to my instagram), and 3 gemstones.

eyes closed

I've been quelling my loss by purchasing miniature fairy garden accessories on ebay. (I've purchased some mushrooms, some tiny houses and some rabbits) Unfortunately I can't seem to find any teeny tiny fairy's (I'm talking like 3cm high).


This is what I wore Saturday. I forgot how much I love this skirt. I made it about a year ago, but haven't worn it "recently" because of the state the pleats were in (Mum was the last person to iron the skirt. She's an amazing woman, but her pleat ironing skills aren't great :P Love you mum <3)

So yeah, I finally got around to re - ironing the skirt!


Saturday was also a great day. I started the morning with a piccolo lesson from Jonathon Henderson, (who's not only one of my teacher Sally's old students, but a super great flautist who does stuff like being the principal flute of the Estonian National Opera) (Sorry for the flute specific talk!) Probably the best thing I took away from that lesson was a technique to open the embouchure of the piccolo so the high notes speak to their fullest potential: Flutter tonguing whilst playing in that register makes it impossible to make a sound with a tight embouchure (and it also gets rid of the mental hurdle)

I finished the day with a Vanishing Shapes rehearsal (which imo, is always one of the best ways to finish the day.) We're preparing material to record in September because we've been writing like crazy! (We're only recording an ep this time though, although, it's still going to be super cool) I'll talk more about it when it gets closer to being done, but basically we're doing a concept EP :D

shoes from front

And finally, always remember: Fish are friends, not food.

looking at shoes