Old Granny Chair

I have a blister. 


Now, ordinarily this wouldn't be a big deal. I'd ignore the pain and get on with my day, feeling a little grouchy that walking hurts, but, this blister isn't in the usual spot (the back of my heal). It,s on my left hand index finger, right at the very tip.  


You're probably (not) wondering how one gets a blister in such an unusual place (unless you play a string instrument, then you'll know instantly). 

I may have played too much ukulele. I definately played too much ukulele. 


You would never think that ukulele's would be blister causing houses of pain, but they are. My fingertip is proof. 

It came as a surprise that one could receive such an injury. Sure, my string friends have complained of blisters, but they play "proper" instruments with steel strings. This was just a tiny cute innocent ukulele. 

On the chair .jpg

Don't get me wrong, you can injure yourself playing flute too (I have some first hand experience there) but I can't think of a single instance a flautist has played themselves into a blister. (Thinking of it, if you know someone who has, let me know! I'm genuinely interested to know how that would happen!) 

hand on shoulder.jpg

Anyway, lets use that as a semi awkward segway: I recorded a new video today. A sweet little ditty called Avalon. I did some singing, and some tute-ing on all three of my bohem system flutes, as well as some sub par (but fun for me) ukulele. 

sitting cute .jpg

To sound like  a bit of an artistic wanker for a small moment, I've really been enjoying diversifying my skill set. When I did the recording/video editing process today I understood a little bit more about the process/software off the bat AND I learned a bunch of new things! I'm in no way brilliant, but I'm getting better yo! 



Cat and Mouse.


I have some exciting music related news! I bought a bass flute :D


"What is a Bass Flute?" I hear you ask. To begin with, it looks like this:  12341410_10154389455134606_5918383108227072722_n

It plays a 3 octave range from the C below middle C, to the C two ledger lines above the treble stave (making it sit exactly an octave below the regular C flute we all know and love) The Bass flute I purchased is made by Trevor James, and it's so freaking  pretty.

Hands in front

I just wish I could play it properly. It's flute shaped, and the embouchure looks similar, and your fingering remains the same, but it's a whole new kettle of fish. I've only just worked out how to hold it properly :s

More details


Air support is very different as well, as it the use of the embouchure. It's really odd being terrible at playing a flute. But it's really fun learning a related instrument.

to the side


This is what I wore yesterday when I had some jammy fun times with a friend of mine. It was really hot, so I opted for airy, light clothes which helped to keep me relatively cool.

Hand on hip


I made these skorts over a year ago, and I've not worn them at all this year. I actually forgot how awesome they are to wear. I've got to make some changes to the pattern before I can sew a new set (Totally going to make them in full leg length as well!).


They're basically two half circles with extra bits... Gah, I'll just have to stop being lazy and make a tutorial...


August Favourites

shoes It's that time of the month again! (the time when I share all of the cool art/music stuff I've been enjoying over the month)

looking away

We'll start with an oldie but a goodie: Absolutely Fabulous. When I sew I like to watch either Youtube, Ted Talks or a TV show (in that order). After I'd finished watching my subscriptions, and caught up on TED I turned to netflix and saw that it's available to watch.

This show is hilarious. I love the writing and the acting. I love that the technology really dates it as a late 90's show. It's silly, frivolous, but most importantly, absolutely fabulous.

to the side

I mentioned this artist earlier in the month after my band had a fabulous gig with them! Ungus Ungus Ungus sit somewhere between gypsy folk and progressive rock, and are simultaneously very serious but completely silly. I've really been digging their recordings. They make a great companion to a wonderful live concert experience!

Straight on.

Miss hero holliday is a modern day pinup who posts her outfits to Instagram daily. (she also has a blog, which is linked on her instagram profile!) I love the vintage with a modern twist that her daily outfits achieve. Her ensembles are so playful and stylish!



Finally, my last favourite for this month is Anna Svensdotter, who is a Swedish Flaustist that specialists in the 4 main flutes (Flute, Piccolo,  Alto Flute, Bass Flute) and electronics. I was lucky enough to have a lesson with her whilst she was in Newcastle. I showed her a couple of my compositions, and had a great discussion about difference tones . She also gave a lecture for my honors class.

Probably the best thing about her Newcastle Uni adventure for me was her recital. She presented a program full of modern which encompassed all 4 main flutes, electronics and various extended techniques. The way she played was inspiring. The connections she had with not only the music, but her instruments was amazing. (I feel like I'm rambling now. TLDR: If you like the flute, and want to see really out there stuff done with it, Anna Svensdotter is your flautist)

This is totally late notice, but, if you're interested in seeing her play before she returns to Europe, these are the rest of her Australian Tour dates/venues. Sept 6 Flute Tree, Sydney, solo concert Sept 8-9 Sydney Conservatory, workshop and presentation Sept 11 Conduit Arts Initiative, Melbourne, concert shared with Lina Andonovska Sept 16 Melbourne University, workshop Sept 17 Monash university, recital, workshop, classes


Finally, I must apologise for the exposure of my outfit photo's from Thursday. I failed at Iso, so now my skin (and shirt, and dress) is a glowing beacon of light! I'll just call it artist license and leave it at that! :P

Black and White Fish


I experienced my first robbery this week. Now, before you freak out, it's not a big deal. The burglar is not human. The burglar is a cheeky crow that lives in our neighbourhood, and this crow likes to steal teeny tiny fairy's out of teeny tiny pot plants (This crow also loves to dig up my chives!)

playing w bow

One of the fist things my partner and I did when we moved into our place last month was buy some pot plants and make a tiny garden. One of the first things I did to said garden was decorate with teeny tiny fairy's which this crow has been slowly picking out of my garden. He's been super sneaky about it too, only taking one every few days. At the start of last week there were 6 fairy's, one ballerina and 6 gemstones in my pot plant. By Sunday I had 4 fairy's, a headless ballerina (which I posted to my instagram), and 3 gemstones.

eyes closed

I've been quelling my loss by purchasing miniature fairy garden accessories on ebay. (I've purchased some mushrooms, some tiny houses and some rabbits) Unfortunately I can't seem to find any teeny tiny fairy's (I'm talking like 3cm high).


This is what I wore Saturday. I forgot how much I love this skirt. I made it about a year ago, but haven't worn it "recently" because of the state the pleats were in (Mum was the last person to iron the skirt. She's an amazing woman, but her pleat ironing skills aren't great :P Love you mum <3)

So yeah, I finally got around to re - ironing the skirt!


Saturday was also a great day. I started the morning with a piccolo lesson from Jonathon Henderson, (who's not only one of my teacher Sally's old students, but a super great flautist who does stuff like being the principal flute of the Estonian National Opera) (Sorry for the flute specific talk!) Probably the best thing I took away from that lesson was a technique to open the embouchure of the piccolo so the high notes speak to their fullest potential: Flutter tonguing whilst playing in that register makes it impossible to make a sound with a tight embouchure (and it also gets rid of the mental hurdle)

I finished the day with a Vanishing Shapes rehearsal (which imo, is always one of the best ways to finish the day.) We're preparing material to record in September because we've been writing like crazy! (We're only recording an ep this time though, although, it's still going to be super cool) I'll talk more about it when it gets closer to being done, but basically we're doing a concept EP :D

shoes from front

And finally, always remember: Fish are friends, not food.

looking at shoes