Daisy for Days

I feel as though I've been in limbo for the majority of this week. I got home Friday evening from being away with the Button Collective, and now today I'm off again, first to Sydney for a gig at the Gaelic Club with the East Pointers (they're a rad Celtic Trio from Canada)  and then to Bulli for the Ilawarra Folk Festival.

This whole week has been pretty unproductive. I mean, I did things, and saw people, but I haven't started on any "long term" projects as I've known I'll be going pretty soon after coming home. I'd call this week a week of busy work. 

Shirt: Thrifted, Belt: Alannah Hill, Pants: Self Drafted, Boots: Dr Martens.

Shirt: Thrifted, Belt: Alannah Hill, Pants: Self Drafted, Boots: Dr Martens.

I went and got a long overdue haircut yesterday, hence why my hair is significantly shorter in this post. Usually I like to keep my hair rather short, but this year life happened, and my hair ended up the longest it's been since I was 14. Because it got so long, I figured I'd get a new style done (I had enough hair to play with style). You can't see it because of how I've done my hair here, but the undercut goes all the way round.

One thing I did manage to do was hit the sewing machine and make my very first pair of long pants. I've been seeing a lot of pants with this silhouette out and about/on the internet, and have been designing a pair like this in my brain for a few months.   I used a light denim (sporting a daisy print) I picked up from spotlight, and decided to go with a scalloped hem (because it's the little details that count). I feel that I have finally mastered the fit of my pants block with these long pants (normally when I sew pants, I end of having to make a bunch of changes from the original pattern I've drawn as I sew. Totally didn't have to do that with these) 

A few weeks ago I went on a trip to spotlight with a friend of mine, and she bought a skirt pattern (because she wants to start sewing). Ever since then, I've been thinking a lot about why I tend to self draft rather than use a pattern. There are a few reasons and all of them just a little bit ridiculous (but I stand by them none the less) 

Reason 1: I feel like I'll learn more by self drafting. This would absolutely be true if I had a pattern making resource book/ made a muslin before sewing to test fit and record changes/ recorded all of my changes either in a notebook or on the pattern

Reason 2 + 3: I feel like it's cheating to use a premade pattern/ I want to make something original. This is a sort of two in one - because it's absolutely not cheating to use a premade pattern, you can make them original by altering them AND there's no such thing as "originality" because everything is inspired by everything else, and is either borrowing elements of a thing or doing something to react to something else. 

Reason 4: Finding a pattern/cutting it out/ making changes to get the fit right is hard work and I'm LAZZZZZYYYYYYYYY. Do you want to know what's just as hard? Making your own pattern, cutting it out, then making changes to get the fit right. 

The only reason for self drafting I have that isn't totally ridiculous is that I find it exciting. I enjoy the adventure and problem solving that comes with self drafting a pattern, and (as much as I complain about it sometimes) I really enjoy discovering new to me techniques by reinventing the wheel. 

I know I've been promising tutorials forever, but I think I'll actually start making them, because I'd love to show people how to draft their own long loose super comfy pants. 

Bringing in the New Year!

Merry 2016 (for 9 days ago!). It's been a whirlwind fortnight since I last posted. My blog broke (TLDR I failed at running my server correctly, and would have had to spend more cash than I would have liked to keep it self hosted, so I jumped ship to squarespace. I still have a few things to do to clean my new blog home up, but it won't be crashing anymore!), then The Button Collective (a band what I play flute in) performed at Falls Festival, and had an EP launch in Lismore (You can stream the EP here. There will be a digital release next month, which I'll link to in the future)

Because Button Collective have been away for so long, I had to pack (what I like to call) a "tour pack" which is basically light weight comfy dresses ( usually 5 or 6 which can be worn multiple times), safety tights (i.e tights which some may wear as pants) a jacket, and a performance outfit. Mostly my outfits over the fortnight were utilitarian, the exception being when we had a gig. I only managed to get one photograph of my performance gear (thanks to Brodie <3) as we were busy when I was dressed well, and felt too daggy when we were free.


There are 3 Falls Festival locations in Australia - Somewhere in Victoria, somewhere in Tasmania, and Byron Bay (which is the one we played) The festival was open for four days, from the 30th of December, to the 2nd of January (although, the main stages were only active for 3). We played 2 gigs a day for all 4 days, which was equal parts awesome and exhausting (we also managed to picked up an incredibly lovely and supportive group of young men who came to all of the main gigs)

Although I spent most of my time in the camp grounds, and the village area (which was the place we were gigging in) I did manage to catch a few of the main stage acts I was interested in seeing: Weird Al Yankovic (Who performed fabulously, but was drenched in nostalgia and gimmicks) Hiatus Kaiyote (These guys were interesting. I really appreciated there musicality, but they're not my cup of tea) and Birds of Tokyo ( I was really into them when I was 15/16, before they released March Fires. There performance at Falls was stiff and overly rehearsed, and all of their newer material was pretty boring.)

The musical highlights for me were all contained in the village area. There was Vardos, a trio of strong brilliant women performing eastern European virtuosic folk music,  Merryn Jeann
a wistful songwriter and beautiful guitar player (I was lucky enough to jam with her at one of her gigs.) and a female DJ (who I didn't get the name of). I came across her on the last evening, just before the last band of the festival finished up. She started her set with an empty dance floor, but completely owned the emptiness, dancing to the music she was playing and altering. Lastly there was Liam Power, who isn't actually a musician (but was a highlight none the less). He's magician, and performed small, but wickedly clever tricks.

This was the only decent photo I took at falls (I felt a bit self conscious with my camera, and my lenses weren't suitable for the situations I would have been shooting in anyway).

After falls we retreated to Brodie's parents house, where we pretty much remained until the Lismore EP launch.

The rooftop in the daylight before all the people came.

The rooftop in the daylight before all the people came.

We had the gig on a friends rooftop, which fitted a large number of people for such a tiny space. The gig commenced at 7, which at the moment is just before sunset, making for a spectacular backdrop to the opening musicians. 

This is Ben Wilson and Jake Pembar, who make up part of Ben Wilson and the Job Seekers (these fabulous people also play Bass and Banjo in the Button Collective). They opened the night with Ben's awesome music (which is kind of folky, kind of Americana. IDK, I suck at describing music, and my descriptions definitely don't do Ben's music justice).

Two of Four Scrimshaw boys music-ing it up

Two of Four Scrimshaw boys music-ing it up

Scrimshaw Four were the Jazzy/ Jugband-y middle to the folk sandwich. They're a 5ish piece Melbourne based band. I thoroughly enjoyed their set. All of there originals were well composed and flawless, and all of their covers were brilliantly arranged (particularly their jazz standards).

Buttons finished the evening. The boys were a tad tipsy, and the set was quite loose, but we had a bunch of fun, and an absolutely brilliant crowd. For anyone who's in sydney over the coming months, and enjoys our music, I suggest you take a peek at our facebook as we've got quite a few gigs in the area.

I also have a ton of other photo's from the EP launch, which you can find on my own facebook page (if you're interested!)

Good intentions

shoes If you follow me on facebook or instagram you may have noticed that I've not been anywhere near home for the past two weeks. Instead I've been traversing the south east corner of Australia with my band on our very first tour! Before I left I had some good intentions. I planned to line up some guest posts so ye olde blog wouldn't collect cobwebs. I intended to get my uni work done and I intended to get super organised when I got home. None of these things happened. Whoops.


These photo's come to you in several sets. This first set of photo's was the last outfit I wore to uni before semester break. I don't remember what day it was, or what I was doing, but upon reflection, I like the ensemble I put together.

Sitting by the fountain crossed standing by the fountain

My life kinda sorta fell to pieces after that day (in the best way possible). I participated in a flute workshop with Tim Munroe, then a few days later holed up in grove studio's with Vanishing Shapes and Jack Tuckerman to record an EP! Day one was really full on, so I didn't take any pictures (we recorded the bulk of the audio then). Day 2 was a little more laid back, so I took some happy snaps.

Clarinet PLaying BO Mic-ing Up BO Pointing BO

The day after we recorded, we left for our tour. The first stop was Wollombi Music Festival. It was wet, and slightly cold, but really fun. Tour stop 2 was Sydney, which despite being in a tiny loud pub was actually pretty fun. After Sydney was Melbourne via Woodonga. We camped on the Murry River for two nights between our Sydney and Melbourne gigs. These photo's are all from night two.

Rough Night BO Sittin' BO String Sectional  BO

One of the weirdest/coolest things about being down south was the sun sets. The place I live is surrounded by hills, meaning the sun stops being visible long before golden hour (I'd often try and shoot during golden hour, only to get disappointed that it was fairly pathetic). The place we camped was fairly flat, so when it was time for the sun to set, the bush was lit by this brilliant yellow glow.

Lighting The Bush On Fire BO Fool's Gold BO Gold Showers BO YES Bo

We were met with spectacular views in the evening as well. We had a huge bright moon, and once it had risen, a fog rolled in across the river. The air was super still as well, giving me the perfect opportunity to play with long exposures. (A long exposure is when you leave the shutter on the camera open for an extended period of time. I used a 15 second shutter for each of these images.)

Wave Two BO Tree Long BO Tree BO River Bank BO Fence BO Camping BO

After Albury I didn't really take many photos. We had a whirlwind journey playing in Melbourne two nights in a row, then busking and gigging in Canberra. (We managed to get caught up in a marriage equality rally as well which was super cool.)

We made so many new friends and stayed with some really cool people (Thankyou so much to Jake's Parents, Katie and Trent, Julie and Chris and Angus+Housemates for letting a bunch of crazy folk musicians stay with you!).

It should be business as usual from here on out (at least until summer.)

July Favourites!

feets I feel like all I'm doing at the moment is apologising for my absence. We still don't have internet at home (we were meant to get it today (The NBN peeps came to install the ugly boxes) but there's something wrong with our portion of the building, and because it was a friday afternoon when they did the thing, we'll have to wait until monday for them to fix it :/) Anyway, on a less ranty note, here are the things I've been particularly enjoying over the past month!

With Coat

Susy Blue : I'm pretty sure I've talked about Susy Blue on the blog before, but, she's super fab, so I'm going to do it again. She's a Melbourne based folk musician, and the music she writes is exquisite. There was this one song on her album Messy'n (which unfortunately I can't find a streaming link for) which had the most beautiful flute, clarinet and piccolo parts. I then did a little bit of internet stalking and found out that she originally trained as a classical flautist! I also checked out her older recordings, and have been enjoying all three releases immensely.


brushing hair

Scathingly Brilliant : I've talked about Scathingly Brilliant before: She's one of my favourite bloggers who stopped blogging her outfit, but has now started again! I'd describe her style as pastel vintage. (everytime she posts, she leaves me in a pastel mood) She is also an artist/jewellery maker under her real name Kate Gabrielle! Her unique fashion style carry's through in her art style, which again I would describe as pastel vintage-y.

hands on hips


Mount Royal Mint: Is an artist who handmakes tiny felt creatures and then photographs them it the most magistic way (sometimes even adding extra hand drawn details in post production) I love how whimsical  her work is! She also hand embroiders tiny details onto the animals to add texture and extra layers of whimsy.

portrait sans coat

So yeah, those are my favourite artsy things for last month! Assuming all goes to plan, I should be posting more regularly from monday on (because, you know, third times a charm?).