wpid-pict_20150401_174905.jpg I'm actually going on holidays for a week over Easter. I haven't really had a holiday since I started uni 4 years ago, so this is pretty exciting.


Fear not though, for I will still blog while I'm away. (I have purchased extra data this month!)




I hope you all have a wonderful easter!


Frankenstein's Flower Kid (Plus Vanishing Shapes Album Release)

wpid-c360_2015-02-06-19-06-36-374.jpg Aww man, this outfit is being posted late. This is what I wore for my Thursday gig this week, but I haven't had the energy to post it till now (I actually don't have the energy now, but I'll be more exhausted tomorrow)


This outfit was a combination of "I can't be bothered" and "I don't have many clean clothes left". Because I suck at having large chunks of free time, I have to do all my washing on the weekends, and because I was in Byron Bay with Vanishing Shapes last weekend I didn't have time to do my washing, leading to what I like to call a "basics" shortage (ie, running out of underwear, socks, singlets etc)


I have since done my washing (didn't managed to get through the ironing though.), despite Vanishing Shapes having another busy weekend. We had a "short (It was like 3 hours)" rehearsal Saturday evening. Today we busked in Manly then played a pretty sweet 3 hour mammoth gig at the stowaway bar in Freshwater (which is a suburb in Sydney) We basically took up 1/4 of the bar (It's teeny tiny, but has a really nice vibe), and were slightly too loud sometimes (This is what happens when the band does their own sound) but we had tonnes of fun bringing out a mix of trad. folk tunes, improvisations and original material.


We also released the download page for our album Urcheon (Which you should totally listen to/ share on all the things !) Click here to listen.

We don't have any gigs this week so hopefully I'll be able to stay on top of my outfits!

Frankenstein's Monster (Feat. New glasses from Vision Direct)

wpid-pixlr.jpg This week has been full of big deals for my blog. The first was getting featured on PERSON'S blog as one of her favourite bloggers (You can read her magnificent blog here: )

The next big deal was being contacted by Vision Direct (  about doing a collaboration. (Technically I was contacted a few weeks ago, but the post is going up today so W/E! )


Basically Vision Direct sent me the glasses I wore today, and boy are they magnificent (the words my optometrist used were "princess glasses")  Choosing the frames was a wonderful ordeal. Not only is the website easy to navigate, they have so many fabulous options (It took me about 2 hours to narrow my choices down to this one) Looking at the choices in comparison to the place I normally buy my glasses, they were all very well priced.


The pair I chose were these ones made by Swarovski (It's at this moment I'd like to say how glad this is a blog and not a youtube channel, as I still can't say this word correctly) These things are so so so beautiful. They were also perfect fit out of the box, and the arms on the frames are incredible sturdy. The plastic they used is crystal clear and very high quality.

I actually received the glasses about a week ago, but had to go get my prescription put in the frames (as I was only sent the frames, and I can't see without my prescription) FEAR NOT! If you're blind like me, you can get them sent out with prescription lenses!


Lets talk about what I'm wearing. I bought this cropped jumper from my favourite Vinnies (Woy Woy Vinnies is where it's at) It's hella cute, but incredibly hard to style. This week I finally worked out how to style it (Pro tip: Tartan goes with EVERYTHING). I love the asymmetrical sleeves with zig zag stitch detailing. (Makes me feel like an adorable Frankenstein's monster.)



wpid-c360_2015-01-20-18-21-29-768.jpg wpid-c360_2015-01-20-18-21-04-926.jpg wpid-c360_2015-01-20-18-21-51-805.jpg

Before I shot the photo's for this post, I shot some "Just in Case" photos (Just in case my frames didn't get back from the optometrists in time for the post to go up) So here are my bonus just in case photos!