Lacy apples and shitty rail.

image I had a bit of a nightmare day today. My awful day was caused by Sydney trains inability to be able to string together a decent train service.


Anyway, let's not dwell on my public transport failure. (it's making me feel angry yo!)


One good thing that came of today was I got to have a good chat with my friend Joe.  He drove me to my car which was much faster than catching the super late train.


The icing on the cake as far as awful day are concerned was that maccas discontinued my favourite burger; the mc spicy.

I'm just glad that today is over and I can start fresh tomorrow

Pleated apples


I had a pretty lazy day today. It was nice. I've been so busy for so long, it was weird being able to relax without feeling guilty.


Anyway, this is what I wore today!


I bought this skirt from danger field about 3 year ago, but never wore it because I was going through a very heavily lolita clothing inspired thing with the way I dressed, and literally wore a petticoat under everything (basically, if I couldn't wear a petticoat under the dress/skirt it wouldn't get worn)


Anyway, after years of this skirt sitting there being amazing, I finally decided to wear it!

Strawberry Kisses

wpid-20140918_132729.jpg The Uni break is so close yet so far! I've started to feel a bit bored with my clothes, and I'm itching to get stuck into the sewing machine, but I'm not allowed until next week :(


Anyway, this is what I wore to uni yesterday. I had a busy day, so I decided to keep in comfy. So here I am, being super comfortable.


The cardigan I'm wearing is super warm and super fluffy! A friend of mine thinks it looks like I've skinned elmo and made him into a jacket.