Shoes Rohan and I got approved for our first property today, meaning we'll be moving into our first place before the end of the month. It's super exciting and a little scary, but I'm looking forward to this new adventure.


It'll be weird not calling my parents house home anymore. I've lived here for 20 of my 22 years of being alive, so I've never known anything different. It's not a huge change of scenery (we're moving a 10 min drive away) but IDK, it's a big change for me.


Apart from that exciting news, I spent today recording flute parts for the button collective ep and album today, which was super fun. We managed to get 8 songs recorded in 3 1/2 hours, which is pretty darn speedy (I'm amazed my brain didn't collapse from all of the concentrating!)


So yeah, this is what I wore to record in (Because my outrageous clothing is totally audible in the recording) I'm pretty sad I didn't get better photo's (That's what happens when you have to shoot in un-natural light in the evening.) Serves me right for not getting dressed sooner!

legs crossed

Speaking of Button Collective! I have 3 gigs with them, and one gig with Vanishing Shapes (Technically it's the same gig. My friend Ess-em who also makes super rad tunes booked a gig for her birthday, and booked both V Shapes and B/C to play <3) coming up in the next few days.  So yeah, If you live in Sydney and are interested in hearing some rad folk music, details are on The B/C and V/S pages.