Pirate Skirts, Gigs and Lots of Figs.

shoes I'm going to come out and say this now. This post has nothing to do with figs. I just wanted something in the title to rhyme with gigs, and it's the best I could come up with!

Vanishing Shapes opened of Asta last night and this is what I wore.

with coat

I really love wearing the I wore last night, but it's a bit of a pain. It's a very soft corset with very malleable boning, which likes to bend out of shape whenever you sit down/bend down/ do anything at all (hence why I usually don't wear it).



As I mentioned earlier, my band, Vanishing Shapes opened for Asta with another artist called Morgana Osaki. I'd not heard of either artist before booking the gig, and was really impressed with the performances both groups gave. It was a pretty strange lineup (going from prog folk, to chill indie/electro pop w Harp, then danceable indie) but despite the strangeness, it worked pretty well.

Holding skirt

(I'm going to preface my sub par concert photography with a warning: This is the first time I've ever used my camera at a gig, so I kind of yolo'd these photo's into existence and they turned out a little noisy. I learned quite a bit though, so the next time I play photographer my photos should be better. Hopefully.)

Morgana's set was very chill. Her and her band mate Huw (Who i didn't manage to get a decent photo of - boo) make haunting electro pop style beats. The harp sets their music apart from the other music they share the genera with. On a non music note, her dress was absolutely amazing. It was gold and fluffy in all the right places (and she had matching shoes). We've actually got a festival coming up with them in September. I'm looking forward to seeing their stuff again!

morgana Morgana 2

I think I must be living under some kind of rock, because Asta is pretty well known. Her set was super tight, and really well performed. (You can't see it in the pictures, but she had a full band with her. Their performance chemistry was great!) She had the crowd up dancing, and she too pulled some amazing dance moves (especially considering the amount of space she had to work with on the stage. There was so much gear and so many cables!). Again, on a non music note, her outfit was rather amazing. She had these amazing pants with a very interesting pattern of holes. Unfortunately I wasn't able to capture her full outfit as my dim light photography technique is non existent.

asta 2 asta

TLDR: Gig was good, clothes were good, all is good.

Frankenstein's Flower Kid (Plus Vanishing Shapes Album Release)

wpid-c360_2015-02-06-19-06-36-374.jpg Aww man, this outfit is being posted late. This is what I wore for my Thursday gig this week, but I haven't had the energy to post it till now (I actually don't have the energy now, but I'll be more exhausted tomorrow)


This outfit was a combination of "I can't be bothered" and "I don't have many clean clothes left". Because I suck at having large chunks of free time, I have to do all my washing on the weekends, and because I was in Byron Bay with Vanishing Shapes last weekend I didn't have time to do my washing, leading to what I like to call a "basics" shortage (ie, running out of underwear, socks, singlets etc)


I have since done my washing (didn't managed to get through the ironing though.), despite Vanishing Shapes having another busy weekend. We had a "short (It was like 3 hours)" rehearsal Saturday evening. Today we busked in Manly then played a pretty sweet 3 hour mammoth gig at the stowaway bar in Freshwater (which is a suburb in Sydney) We basically took up 1/4 of the bar (It's teeny tiny, but has a really nice vibe), and were slightly too loud sometimes (This is what happens when the band does their own sound) but we had tonnes of fun bringing out a mix of trad. folk tunes, improvisations and original material.


We also released the download page for our album Urcheon (Which you should totally listen to/ share on all the things !) Click here to listen.

We don't have any gigs this week so hopefully I'll be able to stay on top of my outfits!

Fairy Folk gigs

wpid-c360_2015-02-04-18-38-41-926.jpg Man, my band has had so many gigs the week! Usually when we have an evening gig, I stay at my bassist's house after, then head home the next day. Not this week. We had a gig both Wednesday night and Thursday night.


Both gig were off the chain! We had fabulous crowds both nights, which helped us to intensify our energy. We were also all standing. Usually our cellist sits because the cello he was using was constantly slipping on its spike. He's no longer playing that cello, and the cello he's playing now has a working spike!


We also semi released our album. We're currently only selling in a physical form at shows, but pretty soon we'll open up our band camp.


This is what I wore for our first gig of the week. Because we play folk music, I try and keep my outfits cute, folky and pixie like.

We have one more gig left for this week, and then we can get to planning more gigs and writing more music!

Weekend away in Byron Bay!


I've not been posting for a few days. I have a perfectly valid explanation for this! If you follow my band on facebook or twitter you would know that we made our way up the east coast on Saturday morning to Byron Bay so we could play a gig at the Railway Friendly Bar.



We left Newcastle at 7:00 am, and after a very very long drive, made it to Byron about 5:00pm. The venue checked us into a hotel across the road, and then we had a rehearsal on their balcony.


Day 2 consisted of Busking, followed by Beach Times, followed by Gig times. (Not to mention it was hot and sticky) The Gig was so much fun! We played 3 x 45 min sets, and performed some new pieces. We also caught up with various family members and family friends. (My Aunt and Uncle Margaret and Kerry came who I haven't seen in a very long time, as well as Tim's mum, and some of Tim's family friends)


We started driving back Sunday night but ended up sleeping at Tim's parents place (Which is probably a 3 or 4 hour journey from Byron) because 1) We were really exhausted and 2) it started pouring and it was hard to see. We finished off our journey on Monday, and when we got back I sort of collapsed on Tim's lounge. I did eventually get up/have a shower/ get dressed. This was my final outfit this weekend:


I would have posted yesterday, but I was half dead all day.

I spent this weekend as a fairy princess: Feat Vanishing Shapes

wpid-20140920_145403.jpg As per the title of this post I spent pretty much my whole weekend as a fairy princess. This adventure started friday at the lass in Newcastle. My band had a gig, and I decided to wear one of my fairy skirts to perform in.


This gig was a pretty big deal for us because it was our first time with our new lineup.



The next day my friend Hannah had a picnic to catch up with people. She's not been too well the last few months, and having a picnic was a great way for everyone to catch up/ Bask in her brilliance.

wpid-20140920_145348.jpg wpid-20140920_145352.jpg

So yeah, twas a fun weekend!