Well and truly Autumn.

wpid-pict_20150409_172639.jpg In the last few days I've come to accept the fact that it's well and truly Autumn. The acceptance process started when daylight savings ended, causing the sun to set at the lovely time of 5:30 in the evening (can't you just feel the sarcasm dripping off this sentence?)


I've hated daylight savings ever since I can remember, although I hate it for a different reason now as opposed to when I was little. I recall being about 5 or 6, and being tucked into bed at the normal hour (which was 6:00) during summer, and being annoyed that it was still light outside. I can remember wondering why it was light, having the cause explained (a mixture of the earth's natural movements, mixed with my countries stupid take on time) and thinking that it was a very rubbish reason to mess with tiny children's perception of time.


Another memory of hating daylight savings I have is on changeover day during highschool. loosing that hour of sleep at the end of winter was a killer and left me feeling sleep deprived and bleah.


I still hate daylight savings (and also the earths natural winter movements) I hate that the sun is setting earlier and earlier during the day (making taking outfit photos difficult). I also hate that the sun is rising later (making it super cold and dark when I get up. Also making it easier to justify a sleep in)