Sewing/Beach fun times

wpid-c360_2015-01-08-18-53-45-171.jpg I went to the beach yesterday for the first time in forever. It was such a lovely, sunny afternoon (although, it was a little windy, but the wind was nice considering the temperature) and spending it at the beach was the perfect end to the day.

I must say though, it was hard to find a good place to shoot because 1) The sun was being super awkward, 2) There were lots of people milling around (I feel self conscious shooting in front of people) and 3) There were a ton of people with beach side houses having barbeques (making shooting even more awkward) I did eventually find a spot, hence why my photos are sandy and wet.


The dress I'm wearing is a dress I made a couple of days ago. My parents bought be a bunch of lovely fabric for christmas, and as soon as I saw it, I knew exactly what I was going to make with it.


I'm really pleased with how this dress turned out. It's the first time I've ever sewn sleeves, and it's the first time I've successfully draped a collar onto a dress. I also made a new flower crown! I bought some cheep fake flowers , an adorable foam bird and little blue pearly things from the $2 shop.

Making this hair piece also reintroduced me to the joy of  the hot glue gun. I can't believe I forgot how good hot glue is!